• Whoa, lots of Fallout 3 screenshots have leaked

    Well look at that, a bunch of screenshots of Fallout 3 have leaked. The game, which is the prequel to Fallout 4, apparently stole the show at this year’s E3, showing that no matter how many times you re-create Doom you’re guaranteed a receptive audience. That is, of course, your name is Daikatana. Yikes. These particular screenshots come to us by way of Japan, where a recent… Read More

  • Netflix Player by Roku screenshot walk-through

    Here are some actual screenshots of the Netflix Player by Roku. As you see, the set-up is quite simple and icon oriented and the whole box is elegant and suffers no extraneous eye-candy.
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  • Microsoft polishes its turd: Windows 6.1 screenshots surface

    Windows Mobile lovers rejoice! WinMo 6 now has threaded SMSes, a new home screen (Wooot!), copy and paste, and ummm… some other stuff. BGR has a full gallery so I won’t bore you with my anti-WinMo screeds. I will close this post by singing the James Bond theme song in text: La la la lalala la lala la la la la lala ladee da! Doo doot doo doo doo doo doo doodledang doo doo… Read More

  • New NiGHTS Screenshots

    Just wanted to throw these screenshots of the new NiGHTS title up since the original is one of my favorite games of all-time. Too bad the Nintendo Wii has the worst graphics I’ve ever seen in my life, otherwise this game would be very exciting for me. Imagine playing NiGHTS on a Playstation 3 – now that’s power. Any of you excited for the sequel to the best Sega Saturn game… Read More

  • New Leopard Screenshots Leaked

    Pssst, Mac Fanboy, do you want to see the latest screenshots of Leopard? Yah, you do. Hit the link to see the new grouped Spotlight, a real advancement, and the lack of the “brushed metal” look we’ve all gotten used to. It’s pretty. Screenshots [tomwrote, via Mac Rumors] Read More