Twitter nudges you to share the tweet instead of taking a screenshot

Screenshots of tweets are one of the most popular ways to share tweets with friends or post them on your other social media accounts. But Twitter is now showing a pop-up to many users asking them to s

Twitter acqui-hires highlight-sharing app Highly

Quotes from articles are much more eye-catching than links on Twitter, so the social giant is scooping up the team behind highlight-sharing app Highly. This talent could help Twitter build its own ver

Whoa, lots of Fallout 3 screenshots have leaked

Well look at that, a bunch of screenshots of Fallout 3 have leaked. The game, which is the prequel to Fallout 4, apparently stole the show at this year’s E3, showing that no matter how many time

Netflix Player by Roku screenshot walk-through

Here are some actual screenshots of the Netflix Player by Roku. As you see, the set-up is quite simple and icon oriented and the whole box is elegant and suffers no extraneous eye-candy.

Microsoft polishes its turd: Windows 6.1 screenshots surface

Windows Mobile lovers rejoice! WinMo 6 now has threaded SMSes, a new home screen (Wooot!), copy and paste, and ummm… some other stuff. BGR has a full gallery so I won’t bore you with my an

New NiGHTS Screenshots

Just wanted to throw these screenshots of the new NiGHTS title up since the original is one of my favorite games of all-time. Too bad the Nintendo Wii has the worst graphics I’ve ever seen in my

New Leopard Screenshots Leaked

Pssst, Mac Fanboy, do you want to see the latest screenshots of Leopard? Yah, you do. Hit the link to see the new grouped Spotlight, a real advancement, and the lack of the “brushed metal”