Whoa, lots of Fallout 3 screenshots have leaked


Well look at that, a bunch of screenshots of Fallout 3 have leaked. The game, which is the prequel to Fallout 4, apparently stole the show at this year’s E3, showing that no matter how many times you re-create Doom you’re guaranteed a receptive audience. That is, of course, your name is Daikatana. Yikes.

These particular screenshots come to us by way of Japan, where a recent exposition was held to celebrate stuff. (The Zenimax Asia Expo, if you’re wondering. Zenimax owns the game’s developer, Bethesda.)

Apparently these were under NDA, which get broken all the time but companies still use ’em.

So if you’ve got, like, three minutes on your hands and want to waste them by looking at so-so quality screenshots, by all means.

via Kotaku