• Animalia Disco Mouse: Thanko presents the weirdest PC mouse ever

    I don’t know what kind of drugs the people at Thanko take, but they must be very hardcore. There is no other explanation for the product they are selling now, is there? It’s a transparent PC mouse that houses a plastic tarantula [JP]. Either that or a mini scorpion. Read More

  • Plush scorpion will sting you repeatedly with love
    Twitchie Scorpion from make magazine on Vimeo. Get thee to the Makery and build yourself a Twitchie robot scorpion with plush casing. The robot itself is actually called Twitchie. It’s a DIY robot kit with everything you need to make… Read More

  • Review of the Scorpion Watch Company Reef Diver

    Some nice lazy Saturday reading. I posted a review of the SWC Reef Diver, a beefy automatic $799 diver’s watch, over at WristWatchReview. I’m a big watch-head but I really liked it and loved the homebrew feel of the entire tiny company. Give it a read. That’s why I was so excited to see Scorpion Watch Company, really a pair of guys out in Denver, were creating a watch brand. Read More

  • Scorpion Watch Company Reef Diver

    Just got in the new Scoripion Reef Diver for review. This is a custom-made automatic watch created by a couple of guys in Denver and it’s quite a looker. It has an automatic ETA movement with hacking seconds hand — that means the seconds hand stops when you pull out the crown — and is water resistant to 30ATM or 1000 feet. They’ve only made 100 of the red Reef Divers… Read More