• Welcome to CTRL+T, TechCrunch’s podcast about tech and culture

    Welcome to CTRL+T, TechCrunch’s podcast about tech and culture

    Without further ado, it brings us great pleasure to introduce you to CTRL+T, a new podcast hosted by TechCrunch Reporter Megan Rose Dickey and Editorial Director Henry Pickavet. On this week’s episode, we discuss former Facebook executive Chamath Palihapitiya’s declaration that the social network is effectively “destroying how society works,” the FCC’s vote on… Read More

  • Down From Olympus: What’s Going On At The Beleaguered Camera Company?

    Down From Olympus: What’s Going On At The Beleaguered Camera Company?

    Riding high from a series of mid- to high-level successes in its 2010 and 2011 camera line, Olympus execs could be excused for feeling good. However, as 2011 winds down, Olympus is not in the news for medical imaging devices or micro 4/3s lenses. Instead, it’s in the news for a scandalous affair that threatens to sink the company and has already claimed the company’s board. It was… Read More

  • Scandal: A rash of fake Steve Jobs e-mails, maybe

    Get ready for the latest Internet scandal: fake e-mails from Steve Jobs. Well, real e-mails that weren’t sent by Steve Jobs, if that makes any sense. Wired looked at three e-mails purportedly sent by Steve Jobs in recent weeks: one posted by a MacRumors user, which addresses iPhone 3G connectivity issues; one sent to Gizmodo addressing possible iPhone tethering options; and one… Read More

  • Sirius launches Client 9 Radio: Scandal talk central

    [photopress:client9radio.jpg,full,center] Classy, Sirius. Real classy. Sirius Satellite Radio today will launch Client 9 Radio, channel 126, a talk radio-format channel that will “explore the breaking news, facts, fallout, psychology, and implications of the scandal.” Surely you know to what Client 9 refers? Orbitcast reports that, in addition to covering the Spitzer scandal… Read More

  • Oh Boy, Another Sony Battery Catches Fire in a Laptop

    Who’s ready for another round of exploding laptop batteries? I’m sure everyone remembers that whole scandal last year where Sony laptop batteries were exploding left and right, leading to recalls and plenty of awkward moments for Sony. Well reports out of Japan suggest that one of the Sony batteries part of the Toshiba’s recall program caught fire back in April. Allegedly… Read More

  • Harry McCracken Returns To PC World

    Oh snap! Guess who’s back at PC World? That’s right, Phil Harry McCracken is back at the magazine, now as Editor In Chief and Vice President. This comes after a huge storm over at PC World, when last week, McCracken walked out and resigned during a meeting when CEO Colin Crawford shot down an anti-Mac story, fearing it would piss off advertisers. Read More

  • HP: Dunn Out, Hurd In

    Hewlett-Packard announced today that chairwoman Patricia Dunn would be replaced by CEO Mark Hurd. The move comes on the heels of a scandal that involved corporate spying, mud flinging and all sorts of other nastiness. The replacement will take place on January 18, 2007. Patricia Dunn to Remain HP Chairman Through January 2007 Board Meeting; Board Appoints Mark Hurd As Successor Read More