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  • Living the Knowledge Life: A Thiel Fellowship Finalist's Response

    Living the Knowledge Life: A Thiel Fellowship Finalist's Response

    Editor’s note: This post is a response to an ongoing educational debate over the efficacy of Peter Thiel’s fellowship, which encourages young entrepreneurs to “stop out” of school. The post addresses Vivek Wadhwa’s post “Friends Don’t Let Friends Take Education Advice From Peter Thiel” and Sarah Lacy’s “Peter Thiel: We’re in… Read More

  • Ask a VC: Bijan Sabet Returns to the Hot Seat. Send Your Questions Now!

    This week, I invited Bijan Sabet of Spark Capital back to Ask a VC, because it’s been a while and there were a ton of questions we didn’t get to last time. Sabet is in the middle of some of the most interesting companies on the Web today including Tumblr, Twitter and Boxee. And as you can see from his last time on the show, he’s a great guest. Last time we talked about… Read More

  • Ask a VC: Izhar Armony Answers Your Questions

    Ask a VC has been sporadic with my travel schedule, but we’re back this week. My guest is Izhar Armony of Charles River Ventures. He brings a different perspective to the show for a few reasons. For one thing, he’s from the East Coast. And as a former member of the Israeli army– aka the country’s entrepreneurial finishing school– and a former exec for Tel… Read More

  • Ask a VC: Mike Maples Defends Digg's Honor and the Kno (TCTV)

    Ask a VC: Mike Maples Defends Digg's Honor and the Kno (TCTV)

    Mike Maples, my guest on Ask a VC this week, is known for backing some of the best Web 2.0 entrepreneurs early on and hunting down “Thunder Lizards” or the 15 truly disruptive companies that hatch each year. But some of his most celebrated investments have turned controversial. In this video he defends Digg’s honor against some tough reader questions and defends… Read More

  • Ask a VC with Mike Maples and Peter Barris This Week, Send Questions Now

    I’m leaving the country for a few weeks, so I’m trying to get a few episodes of Ask a VC in the can before I go. We have two exciting guests we’re taping this week: Mike Maples of Floodgate Fund and Peter Barris of NEA. Maples was early on both the super angel and Web 2.0 bandwagons, investing in companies like Digg, Twitter and Chegg. He’s noted as one of the guys… Read More

  • Ask a VC: "Investing in Music Is a Little Like Vietnam" (TCTV)

    Ask a VC: "Investing in Music Is a Little Like Vietnam" (TCTV)

    Ask a VC was on hiatus for a few weeks, but your Friday investor-talk fix is back. Our guest this week is Tony Conrad, partner at True Ventures and founder of About.Me, which recently sold to AOL along with TechCrunch. There was a pent-up flood of questions this week, and Conrad addressed many of them. In case you want to skip around here they are in order: -Why does True Ventures invest in… Read More

  • Ask a VC is Back with Tony Conrad

    We’ve had a few weeks off for Ask a VC, but we’re back this week with Tony Conrad of True Ventures. Conrad is an interesting guy, because he’s a mix  between an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist, going back and forth between investing in companies, starting them and then selling them to AOL. His latest win was About.Me, which AOL bought for an undisclosed amount just… Read More

  • Ask a VC: John O’Farrell Gives Tips on Deal Making, Advice to Would-Be VCs (TCTV)

    Ask a VC: John O’Farrell Gives Tips on Deal Making, Advice to Would-Be VCs (TCTV)

    This week’s Ask a VC has a different twist, since we had a different kind of VC on the show, John O’Farrell Andressen Horowitz’s guru on business development and deal-making. The questions you asked O’Farrell are below. As usual, feel free to watch the whole show or use the links to skip ahead to your question. “Have you ever invested in a single employee startup? Read More

  • Ask a VC: Andreessen Horowitz’s John O’Farrell Answers your Questions

    This week our guest on Ask a VC is John O’Farrell of Andreessen Horowitz. O’Farrell is yet another Opsware alum filling out the firm’s partnership ranks, and he follows the firm’s strategy of hiring partners with specific company building expertise. At Opsware, he headed up the company’s business development and leading Opsware’s partnerships, acquisitions… Read More

  • Ask a VC: Welcome Back to the Hot Seat, Satish Dharmaraj

    We had a last minute cancellation on Ask a VC this week, so filling in is Satish Dharmaraj who was our second ever guest on the show. For those who don’t remember, Dharmaraj is a relatively new partner at Redpoint Venture Partners, after selling Zimbra to Yahoo for $350 million and Onebox, which he sold for $850 million. Not bad. Dharmaraj focuses on a lot of Redpoint’s consumer… Read More

  • Ask a VC: Why SaaS Is More than a New Business Model, Plus Salesforce v. Yammer v. Jive (TCTV)

    Ask a VC: Why SaaS Is More than a New Business Model, Plus Salesforce v. Yammer v. Jive (TCTV)

    Who cares about enterprise software? Apparently you do. Even though I posted this solicitation for Ask a VC questions late on a Thursday, I woke up this morning to one of the better inboxes of questions since the show began. Our guest in your virtual hot seat was Jason Green of Emergence Capital. Like a lot of things in tech, Green is a believer that the hype in software-as-a-service may… Read More

  • Ask a VC: Questions about the New Enterprise Boom? Ask Jason Green

    After a Holiday hiatus, Ask a VC is back and we’re kicking off the new year with Jason Green of Emergence Capital. Emergence was started to fund the software-as-a-service craze of the early 2000s. That wave has had mixed results, but Emergence had several of the big hits including and SuccessFactors. Green himself was also an investor in hits like DoubleClick, aQuantive… Read More

  • Ask a VC: Kairouz on Canada, Splurging on Wine and the Surging NYC Scene (TCTV)

    Ask a VC: Kairouz on Canada, Splurging on Wine and the Surging NYC Scene (TCTV)

    Habib Kairouz of Rho Ventures was my guest on Ask a VC this week, and as I mentioned earlier this week, he’s had a range of Web exits in the last ten years. He’s also seen tremendous changes in his home tech market of New York. It’s gone from silly Silicon Alley days to tumbleweeds and now to a thriving hub that’s stolen Boston’s East Coast venture thunder, at… Read More

  • Ask a VC: Live from New York It’s Habib Kairouz

    Valleyites may not have heard of this week’s guest, Habib Kairouz of Rho Ventures, but his LPs are quite familiar with his work. He lead the round in iVillage back in 1997, taking the company public in 1999, before it sold to NBC in 2007 for $600 million. In 2001, he led the investment in Intralinks, which went public in 2010 and has a market cap of more than $1 billion. In 2006, he… Read More

  • Ask a VC: "We Probably Would Have Been the Last Guys to Do a Round in Twitter" (TCTV)

    My guest on Ask a VC this week was Dana Stalder of Matrix Partners, a newbie in the venture world, but a seasoned manager and entrepreneur in Valley Internet circles. Stalder answered a range of reader questions including basic advice for pitching Matrix and how Google failing to acquire Groupon impacted the social commerce space. (Matrix is an investor in the number three player BuyWithMe… Read More

  • Ask a VC: London Comes to Us this Week

    Nic Brisbourne of DFJ Esprit is in town this week — along with seemingly every successful Brit— so we asked him to be our first in-studio guest ever on Ask a VC. Brisbourne is well positioned to answer any questions about the funding scene in Europe, which last I checked was one of the only markets in the world where investing activity was actually declining this year. Are… Read More

  • Ask a VC: How Kiteboarding and Venture Capital Became Less Risky (TCTV)

    My guest on Ask A VC this week is Bill Tai of Charles River Ventures. He’s also a professional kiteboarder. You may ask: Why would a guy who has been a VC since 1991 need kiteboarding sponsors? That was my first question. Generally in this video we talk about how the venture business has changed during the last 20 years and how kiteboarding has changed over the last 10 years. There are a… Read More

  • Ask a VC in Indonesia: Is East Ventures Early or Crazy? [TCTV]

    Welcome to part two of Ask a VC in Southeast Asia. This week, it’s Wilson Cuaca and Chandra Tjan of East Ventures. I shot this video in Singapore, but they invest primarily in Indonesia where East is one of the only traditional early stage VC firms. Over delicious crab, we discuss the Web opportunities in Southeast Asia, whether startups should focus locally or globally, and perhaps the… Read More

  • Ask a VC: The Southeast Asian Edition

    Since I’m reporting in Southeast Asia the next few weeks, I decided to bring Ask a VC with me on the road. I’m asking your questions to two firms. (Hopefully one or  both conversations will be over some delicious chili crab.) First up is James Chan of Neoteny Labs— best known as Joi Ito’s fund. Neotany is a $5 million Asian VC fund, and while Ito is based in Dubai… Read More

  • TC50 Backstage: Ron Conway Defends his "Spray and Pray" Honor

    This morning Jason Calacanis made a quip that Ron Conway is such a prolific angel investor that all presenting companies at TC50 were getting $50,000 just for walking on the same stage with him. Conway made a face, so Paul Carr and I grabbed him back stage and asked his thoughts on frequently being called a “Spray and Pray” investor. As evidence that he doesn’t invest in… Read More