Ask a VC: London Comes to Us this Week

Nic Brisbourne of DFJ Esprit is in town this week — along with seemingly every successful Brit— so we asked him to be our first in-studio guest ever on Ask a VC.

Brisbourne is well positioned to answer any questions about the funding scene in Europe, which last I checked was one of the only markets in the world where investing activity was actually declining this year. Are things picking up? Beyond that, I intend to ask about startup activity in Eastern Europe– a market I’m fascinated by and only hear about broadly. (Trying to plan a reporting trip in the spring, husband and new AOL expense account permitting. Feel free to also send your vote for which countries I should hit and why.)

Brisbourne has some great advice for startups on his blog, so something tells me he’ll be a natural at this. Email your questions to askavc(at)techcrunch(dot)com. Go ahead! Ask him anything.