• With #HonorYourMom, Samahope Wants To Fund Medical Treatments For Women In Need Around The World

    With #HonorYourMom, Samahope Wants To Fund Medical Treatments For Women In Need Around The World

    This Sunday, there’s a lot you can do in honor of the woman who raised you. But the San Francisco-based startup Samahope hopes that funds usually reserved for cross-state chocolate delivery might be used to finance medical treatments for women in need around the world. Its #HonorYourMom project is soliciting donations for medical treatments for women along with tweet-length anecdotes… Read More

  • Crowdsourcing Disaster Relief

    On Thursday July 8, 2010, residents of Oakland took to the streets after a jury convicted police officer Johannes Mehserle of involuntary manslaughter of Oscar Grant, a 22-year-old unarmed black youth. Race-related riots are not new to California. But this time, the first people to learn about violent incidents tied to the protests weren’t riot cops — they were the Oakland… Read More

  • Tech For (And By) Africa

    This week in Johannesburg I had the pleasure of keynoting Tech4Africa, the first major social web conference in South Africa, alongside crowdsourcing guru Clay Shirky. Sub-Saharan Africa is the global economy’s last frontier. The majority of people in Africa live on less than $2 a day, adjusted for purchasing power. It’s not the first place one might expect to host a technology… Read More

  • The Many Bottom Lines Of Businesses

    Sixty-three percent of the Fortune 500, and more than half of all American businesses, are incorporated in Delaware. The state’s laws protect corporate directors and enable them to focus on the bottom line. Traditionally, that has meant maximizing profits and shareholder value. But a new trend is emerging to counter Delaware’s influence on American corporate policy, and… Read More

  • How Samasource Helps The World, And A Secret Tattoo Unveiled (Video)

    San Francisco based Samasource is on a mission to help women, refugees and young people in developing countries earn a living wage on the Internet. The model is straightforward – Samasource works with companies that need certain types of relatively simple tasks done, like database cleanup, translations, transcriptions, etc. Samasource charges companies on a per action basis, and then… Read More