• The 6 rules of shopping for an HDTV this Super Bowl season

    Next weekend Peyton Manning will lead the Colts to a victory over the New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl XLIV. Hot new commercials will run and there will be remembrances a-plenty about Katrina. Retailers are hoping that you witness all this on a brand new HDTV. And you might want to think about it, too. After all, right now is the best time of year to buy a high definition TV — as long… Read More

  • Microsoft allows netbooks to use larger hard drives

    Oh Microsoft, that’s sooo nice of you to allow netbook manufacturers who want to offer XP as an operating system to now use hard drives in excess of 80 gigabytes. Remember how you weren’t invited to the netbook party in the first place? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you decided to show up and I’m glad you’re pushing XP instead of Vista onto these… Read More

  • Australians outlaw "illegal" laser pointer use

    In a smashing blow against my neighbor Carmine, Australia has outlawed high power laser pointers. Like Carmine, Australians cannot be trusted with high powered lasers and, like Carmine one night last summer, they’ve been shooting them at airplanes. WA Police have reported people pointing lasers at a Royal Flying Doctor plane, a police helicopter, a rescue helicopter, and several… Read More

  • Would you run 26.2 miles without music?

    Many, many, many years ago, I made peace with the fact that I’ll never run a marathon. It was an easy decision because I find running excessive distances to be painful and boring. It’s just not for me. I admire people who can do it, though. The New York Times has an interesting article about a marathon rule that forbids the use of music players in the name of safety and fair… Read More