Europe’s top court rules that ‘right to be forgotten’ only applies in Europe

The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled that Google doesn’t have to de-reference at a global scale results related to the so-called “right to be forgotten.” Europe’s top c

Advisor to Europe’s top court favors regional limit to ‘right to be forgotten’

Google will be cheered by the view of an influential advisor to Europe’s top court vis-à-vis the territorial scope of the so-called ‘Right to be Forgotten.’ Since a 2014 Court of Ju

Google’s right to be forgotten appeal heading to Europe’s top court

Europe's 'right to be forgotten' ruling, which allows private citizens in the region to make requests that search engines delist incorrect, irrelevant or out of date information returned by an online

Google ordered to hand over names of fake reviewers in Dutch court case

Fake reviews have been an occasional and frustrating by-product on sites like Google, Yelp and Amazon for years. But a recent case in the Netherlands highlights how one company affected by them fo

French Data Protection Watchdog Rejects Google’s Search Delisting Appeal

France's data protection watchdog has rejected Google's appeal against an earlier enforcement notice in which the CNIL told the company to expand search delisting requests across all its domains, not

Search Delisting Appeals ‘Working Efficiently’, Say European Regulators

The Article 29 Working Party -- the European body comprised of representatives from member states' data protection authorities (DPAs) -- has been considering how well the appeals process for the rtbf

Europe’s Search De-Listing Ruling Is Mostly About Social Media Privacy Invasions

It's one year since the European Court of Justice made Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales spit out his breakfast crumpet and spew crumbs of outrage all over the Internet. I am of course talking about the so-call

‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Guidelines Published By European Regulators

Europe's Article 29 Working Party, the body comprised of data protection representatives from individual Member States of the European Union, has now published guidelines on the implementation of the

Google.com Domain Should Be Covered By Search De-Listing, Say European Regulators

Google has kicked against it. Eric Schmidt was doing so in public only last month. But European regulators are now stipulating the so called 'right to be forgotten' ruling should apply to search resul

Social Networks And Directories Main Target Of European Search De-Listing Requests

Some interesting data has been released today by the Forget.me service, regarding Europe's so-called ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling. The data suggests most requests for de-listing personal informa