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Quick-charging battery startup StoreDot gets $60M on $500M valuation led by Daimler

As we continue to see a proliferation of wireless connected devices make their way into the mainstream consumer electronics market, there has been growing attention on a key issue that will be central

Via Raises $27M For Its Flat-Rate $5 Urban Carpool-Style Ride Sharing Service

Uber‘s growth has taken the company into many categories of transportation, from simple car services for individuals through to courier deliveries. Now, a startup out of New York called Via h

Video: The world's biggest yacht sets sail. It has lasers.

<img src="" />When you math types go to school and get your engineering degree, do you ever dream of working on something like the Eclipse

Chelsea owner Roman Abromovich buys 100 acres of land on the moon

Some strange science news for you now. You know how you can “buy” stars, even though such purchases aren’t recognized by any legitimate scientific organization? Well, Chelsea Football Club o

Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich building $350 million yacht: Has its own missile defense system

Chelsea owner and cheerleader-in-chief (when the side plays attractive football) Roman Abramovich is building a £200 million (~$352 million) yacht that includes at least two helipads, a harbor, a sub