Chelsea owner Roman Abromovich buys 100 acres of land on the moon


Some strange science news for you now. You know how you can “buy” stars, even though such purchases aren’t recognized by any legitimate scientific organization? Well, Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abromovich—he’s a tremendously wealthy Russian, for those of who don’t know who he is—just did one better.

He bought [Spanish] his girlfriend 100 acres of land on the moon.

Yes, the Russian billionaire “bought” the land, which is located between 20-24°S latitude and 30-34°W longitude up there, in order to make it up to his soon-to-be wife, Daria Zhukova. Apparently their crazy wedding had o be toned done because of the credit crisis, which has affected Abramovich’s fortune.

The land, in case you’re looking to symbolically buy some moon property, was purchased from The Lunar Embassy.