SEP-50BT: Sony adds a black model to its Rolly line-up, announces firmware for the first model (video)

Sony announced they will not only sell a white and pink version of their new Rolly music robot (SEP-50BT), but also add a black model in the Japanese Sony Style store [JP]. The new Rolly will be so

Sony's music robot Rolly can now be controlled via Bluetooth

Sony says it’s a music robot, others say it looks like a rolling turd: The new version of the Rolly, which was unveiled today [JP], can be controlled via Bluetooth, via a cell phone or PC (it&#8

Rejoice! Rolly now available at U.S. Sony stores

Sony’s game-changing robotic dancing turd. This is actually kind of funny. I did a search for Rolly on and up popped the movie Suicide Club. Could this be a sign that the Rolly is

Black Rolly in Japan

Hard, impacted stool? Try Grape Nuts. Isn’t there a war on? Shouldn’t Sony be doing something better with its R&D budget?

Sony Rolly: MP3-playing robot or glistening, ambulatory Aibo turd? This video of the Sony Rolly MP3 player sums up everything that is wrong with the former electronics giant — a