Robotics Q&A with Meta’s Dhruv Batra

For the next few weeks, TechCrunch’s robotics newsletter Actuator will be running Q&As with some of the top minds in robotics. Subscribe here for future updates. Part 1: CMU’s Matthew

Who knows what GamePlanner does, but Airbnb just bought the company

Who knows what GamePlanner does, but Airbnb just bought the company. Let's dive in to this and other news from startup land.

Robotics Q&A: CMU’s Matthew Johnson-Roberson

[A version of this Q&A first appeared in TechCrunch’s weekly robotics newsletter, Actuator. Subscribe here.] Over the next few weeks, TechCrunch will be running a series of Q&As with som

AI robotics’ ‘GPT moment’ is near

Building AI-powered robots that can learn how to interact with the physical world will enhance all forms of repetitive work

Robotics funding saw another dip in 2023

In 2021, robotics startups were flying high. Unlike other categories that had buckled under the strains of a global pandemic, interest in automation was at an all-time high, as companies attempted to

These 27 robotics companies are hiring

[These listings originally appeared in TechCrunch’s robotics newsletter, Actuator. Subscribe here.] Every time I put out a call for robotics jobs, I’m bombarded. It’s a beautiful thing. In s

Embodied AI spins a pen and helps clean the living room in new research

Sure, AI can write sonnets and do a passable Homer Simpson Nirvana cover. But if anyone is going to welcome our new techno-overlords, they’ll need to be capable of something more practical — w

Ripcord, the Steve Wozniak-backed file scanning startup, is raising new cash

Ripcord, a startup developing robots that can automatically digitize paper records, is hoping to raise $20 million to $25 million in a new funding round that would value the company at $110 million pr

How Nvidia became a major player in robotics

[A version of this post appeared in TechCrunch’s robotics newsletter, Actuator. Subscribe here.] The last time I’d spoken with the Nvidia at any length about robotics was also the last time we

Open Robotics’ ROS is safe despite Alphabet buying OSRC, says Intrinsic

The acquisition of Open Robotics received a mixed reception across the industry. “The aim of Intrinsic is to democratize the access to robotics,” says Wendy Tan White, CEO of Intrinsic.

Agility Robotics: Our robot won’t be armed or take your jobs

Agility Robotics will soon be able to make 10,000 bipedal humanoid robots per year and claims it is creating jobs rather than taking them from humans.

6 surveys that will get you prepped for Disrupt

Just in case you're wondering what's happening in the sectors that we're going to talk about at Disrupt, we've put together a handy primer of surveys.

Ascento’s robots aid overstretched security guards

Like in many industries, there’s an acute shortage of security guards. This means guards still on the job have to pull extra hours and are more likely to make mistakes because of fatigue. Ascento is

Should the US implement a ‘robot tax’?

A version of this story original appeared in TechCrunch’s weekly robotics newsletter, Actuator. Subscribe here.  A big and often unremarked upon aspect of being a reporter is knowing your audie

Korean internet giant Naver explores robotics, AI and autonomous driving

In July last year, Naver, maker of the search engine known as the “Google of South Korea,” opened its new second headquarters, Naver 1784. The building’s name refers to a year commo

TechCrunch+ Roundup: Creator economy VC survey, B2C fintech growth strategy, web3 demo day

There are a million reasons why startups fail, and there are only a few reasons why they succeed.

SAEKI’s ‘microfactories’ help large manufacturing scale up

The architecture, engineering and construction industries involve giant concrete molds that are expensive, slow to manufacture and often only used a few times before being disposed. Robots-as-a-servic

5 lessons robotics founders can learn from the AV industry

We've identified five lessons that the next generation of robotics founders can take from the successes and failures of the AV industry.

These robotics companies are hiring

I certainly wouldn’t go so far as to say the robotics industry is recession-proof, but it’s remained remarkably stable through a turbulent few years of economic instability. Automation was acceler

Orangewood wants to build a cheap, programmable robotic arm for manufacturing

In late 2017, three entrepreneurs — Abhinav Das, Aditya Bhatia and Akash Bansal — came to the mutual realization that the final steps of building furniture — specifically painting an
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