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Video: Resident Evil 5 played with the PS3 Motion Controller

<img src="">Sony laid out its <a href="

Sony confirms: PS3 motion control this Spring, and Resident Evil 5 will work with it

<img src="" />So yeah, the PS3 motion controller will be available this Springtime, and the first “big” games to make use of it will be

Tokyo Game Show: How Resident Evil 5 looks on an Alienware PC (video)

<img src="" /> Alienware announced yesterday they will <a href="

Resident Evil 5 release date for PC announced

<img src="" />Capcom has made it official: Resident Evil 5 is coming to the PC on September 15th. The fifth installmen

Interview: Karen Dyer (Sheva from Resident Evil 5)

<img src="" />Dearest CrunchGear readers: I recently had the honor and privilege of speaking to Karen Dyer, who is not only the voice of S

PC port of Resident Evil 5 works with Nvidia GeForce 3D

<img src="" />Oh, man, I cannot wait to punch a boulder in 3D. (Actually, I <i>can</i> wait, but that's immaterial for the purpose of this p

Capcom's Resident Evil 5 "Versus" mode going live April 7

After a delay in Japan, Capcom has just announced that the online multiplayer “Versus” mode will go live tomorrow for the Xbox 360 and PS3. PlayStationers will have to fork over $4.99 or 400MS Poi

Boulder-punching CrunchDeals: Maxtor OneTouch 1TB external hard drive for $99

<img src="" />Oh, look, a CrunchDeal! has the Maxtor One Touch 4, a TB external hard drive, for $99. That's around a $130 savin

Shock: Zero Punctuation doesn't like Resident Evil 5

<img src="" />Yahtzee, of Zero Punctuation fame, is never wrong. In his crosshairs this week is <i>Resident Evil 5</i>, a delightful romp

Should Capcom reboot Resident Evil starting with Resident Evil 6?

<img src="" />The Milkman delivers! 1UP's just-launched, comprehensive <i>Resident Evil 5</i> section includes a note from the site's

Creepy Resident Evil 5 spot features creepy Japanese actress

<img src="" />Japanese TV isn't short of strange TV spots, but this one for <a href="">Resident Evil

Cherry red Xbox 360 coming soon?

<img src="" />We heard the rumors, and now we see what appears to be the proof! A Resident Evil 5 bundle should be hitting the streets alo

The Resident Evil 5 racism debate continues, for some reason

<img src="" />For reasons known only to God and his brother Jim—<i>ooh, sacrilege</i>—plenty of people are still calling <i>Res

Resident Evil 5 demo hits Xbox Live today!

<img src="" alt="" />BODIES AS SHIELDS!!! Oh wait, wrong game. Tehehe.

Rumor: Resident Evil 5 Red Xbox 360 Bundle

<img src="" alt="" />According to <a href="

Resident Evil 5 demo on Xbox Live on January 26

<img src="" /> North American Xbox 360 owners will be able to download the <i>Resident Evil 5</i> demo on <a HREF="http://majornelson

And now the PS3 gets its own Resident Evil 5 bundle

<img src="" /> Sony will <a HREF="">release</a> a <i>Resident Evil 5</i> PS3 bundl

Japan to get Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 bundle

<img src="" /> Not that Microsoft needs any help selling the Xbox 360 here in North America (more on that later today), but it <i>wil

Video: Resident Evil 5 graphics comparison

<img src="" /> Whenever a game busts out for 360 and PS3s, it's a fanboy pageant as each tries to extol the virtues of their version of

Microsoft ‘tampering’ with misbegotten Resident Evil 5 demos

Microsoft is up to no good. Redmond has just admitted to tampering with people’s misbegotten Resident Evil 5demoin an effort to prevent them from playing it before Capcom says it’s okay.
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