Creepy Resident Evil 5 spot features creepy Japanese actress

Japanese TV isn’t short of strange TV spots, but this one for Resident Evil 5‘s XBOX 360 Deluxe Edition is creeping me out. It stars Chiaki Kuriyama, the crazy schoolgirl Go Go Yubari from Kill Bill (she is also one of the villains in Takeshi Kitano’s splatter action film Battle Royale).

Kuriyama will also play Ling Xiaoyu in the upcoming Tekken movie, which is scheduled for release in the US sometime in 2009. She is famous in Japan for being a female otaku so her promoting video games actually makes sense. The guy’s name is Yoichi Nukumizu, in case you care (he is largely unknown outside Japan).

The game is due out in Japan and the US for Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 next month.