rescue robot

  • Video: Rescue robot can pull victims into its body

    I experienced two scary earthquakes in the last days in Tokyo, so hearing that the local fire department isn’t sleeping on the rescue robot front was a relief. The newest model [JP] can be used for those cases in which the rescuers can’t reach people in an emergency, i.e. if the area is too dangerous for the rescuers themselves. The so-called Robocue can be remote-controlled and… Read More

  • Japanese university develops hose-shaped rescue robot, tests it in the US

    The University of Tohoku, located in Northern Japan, developed a hose-like robot specialized in rescuing victims in collapsed buildings. The robot is equipped with a camera at its tip and is able to snake through openings in ruins and rubble, which are inaccessible to humans or dogs. It can move forward via special bristle rings that are powered by tiny motors. The robot’s camera is… Read More

  • Not iPhone: New super-mobile robot for use in war, disaster and emergency situations
    (video from Diginfo, Inc. with special permission for Robots capable of supporting humans under extreme conditions are not really a new idea. However, now the so-called Kenaf Resuce Robot developed by the Japan’s International Rescue System Institute (IRS) seems to have risen the bar. The latest version of the robot – presented during… Read More