Japanese university develops hose-shaped rescue robot, tests it in the US

The University of Tohoku, located in Northern Japan, developed a hose-like robot specialized in rescuing victims in collapsed buildings.

The robot is equipped with a camera at its tip and is able to snake through openings in ruins and rubble, which are inaccessible to humans or dogs. It can move forward via special bristle rings that are powered by tiny motors.

The robot’s camera is movable, able to climb up approximately 20cm and transmits visual information to rescue teams in real time.

The search-and-rescue robot is 2.5cm in diameter and can be up to 8m in length.

Development is scheduled to be finalized next year. The Tohoku University successfully tested their invention in a collapsed building in the US and currently uses it in and around Tokyo to look for ways of improvement.

Via Nikkei [JP]