Video: Rescue robot can pull victims into its body


I experienced two scary earthquakes in the last days in Tokyo, so hearing that the local fire department isn’t sleeping on the rescue robot front was a relief. The newest model [JP] can be used for those cases in which the rescuers can’t reach people in an emergency, i.e. if the area is too dangerous for the rescuers themselves.

The so-called Robocue can be remote-controlled and is able to pull victims inside its body via a conveyor belt. After that, the person in question can be driven to a safe area.

The Robocue is equipped with a number of sensors and cameras and can be used as far as 100m away from the operator. It’s sized at 3.98×1.74×1.89m and weighs 3,860kg.

Watch it in action in the video below.

Via Pink Tentacle