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Memberful, a Patreon subsidiary, launches a newsletter product to challenge Substack

Between Facebook outages and Twitch data breaches, last week was bumpy for social platforms and the creators who build businesses on them. As internet creators look to diversify their income streams a

The largest buys of tech’s Big Five: a look at M&A deals

In startup land, the mandate is to get bought, go public or die trying. And, as far as getting bought goes, one of tech’s Big Five could be a desirable acquirer.

Relay FM Launches iOS App To Discover New Podcast Shows

<a href="">Talking about podcasts</a>, podcast network <a target="_blank" href="">Relay

How Relay FM Proves That Podcasts Aren’t An Overnight Success

When Myke Hurley and Stephen Hackett launched <a target="_blank" href="">Relay FM</a>, they expected to build a small independent network of weekly tech podcasts. Just a year later,