Relay FM Launches iOS App To Discover New Podcast Shows

Talking about podcasts, podcast network Relay FM released an iOS app today to showcase its 17 shows for creative, curious and obsessive people. It’s a polished app with gorgeous animated artworks. It’s great to discover the network and then subscribe to a few shows in your favorite podcast app.

I’ve already written too many words on Relay FM. It’s my favorite podcast network. They produce some of the best conversational podcasts out there and mostly focus on technology.

Relay FM partnered with Tapjet for this app. Formerly called Glide, Tapjet successfuly raised $110,000 on Kickstarter (£72,000) to create a brand new app creation tool. In particular, Tapjet lets you edit the content of your apps by putting images in text files in a Dropbox folder. This is pretty good if you don’t have an app developer on your team.

While the Relay FM app was created with an app creation tool, it doesn’t feel like a skinned app template. You can find Relay FM’s latest episodes with an audio player, show notes, a subscription button to subscribe in your favorite podcast app and a notification button.

You might wonder what this notification button does. Most of Relay FM’s shows are recorded live. You can listen to the live stream on Relay FM’s website, but it isn’t an optimal experience on mobile. If you choose to get notifications for your favorite shows, the app will send you a push notification whenever a show is live so that you can open the app and listen to it.

This app isn’t a full-fledged podcast client. You can’t subscribe to shows within the app or listen to back catalog episodes. Instead, you should see the Relay FM app as a nice storefront. It’s a great way to peek and see what the network has in store. If you’ve been meaning to listen to more podcasts, this app is a great way to start.