• RedOctane shows off new Guitar Hero 5 drums

    Amazing, right? Right?! Let’s hope it’s cheaper than the Logitech kit. Read More

  • Battle of the Bands: Guitar Hero and Rock Band fight it out

    If there’s one real guitar hero out there that shouldn’t be confined to one system it should be Jimi Hendrix. Like him, love him, hate him or whatever, Hendrix captured the imagination of what being a guitar player could mean. He’s an icon for a reason. However other big name acts (and estates) are battling it out in a different kind of battle of the bands. Guitar Hero… Read More

  • Rumor: Guitar Hero World Tour track list revealed

    [ Well, well, well. It looks like the set list for Guitar Hero World Tour has been leaked or, at least, that’s what people are saying. There are 87 tracks, 14 being bonus and there’s word that three guitar battles will pit you against Ted Nugent, Zakk Wylde and Sting. Wait. What? Sting? Doesn’t he play the bass? There are seven… Read More

  • E3 2008: Everything you ever wanted to know about Guitar Hero: World Tour

    [ Here’s the quick rundown on this 20+ minute video. Rock Band guitars and drums will be compatible with GH:WT. Brand new guitar with a dedicated Star Power button. Longer strum bar. Slider bar on the neck that’s touch sensitive: tap strum and a wah-wah effect. Non-Guitar Hero guitars can be played up on the frets without actually strumming. Read More

  • Video: Real rock drummers playing Guitar Hero World Tour Watch as Travis Barker of Blink 182 fame (now with +44), Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and… Read More

  • Guitar Hero World Tour officially announced We posted the video yesterday, which I’ve reposted, and today Activision made it official. A few key things from the press release for Guitar Hero World Tour include downloadable content for the Wii, wireless instruments and a redesigned guitar. Full release after the break. Read More

  • Guitar Hero: On Tour compatible with all DS systems Some of you have asked which version of the DS Guitar Hero: On Tour would be compatible with and I just received word that it will work from the fatty to the skinny DS. Don’t forget to pre-order. Read More

  • Activision, RedOctane feel bad about Wii disc disgrace

    Not that they really had to or anything, but Activision and RedOctane felt terribly bad about the Wii disc fiasco that they appear to be sending out care packages. It’s just a faceplate for your Wii Axe but who else would do such a thing? Anyone have to endure the pain of waiting for a remastered Guitar Hero 3 disc for their Wii? Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Guitar Hero: On Tour priced and dated

    Activision/RedOctane’s hottest new addition to the Guitar Hero franchise will ship June 22 for a mere $50. That’s right, Guitar Hero: On Tour for Nintendo’s DS is now up for pre-order from Amazon so get it now! Read More

  • Rumor: Beatles edition of Guitar Hero

    The other week when I interviewed the Huang brothers, creators of Guitar Hero, I did my best to glean any possible information on other band-specific versions of the popular game to no avail. I’m sorry, but I’m just not that big a fan of Aerosmith. I listened to them a lot back in the day (10+ years ago) and they’re just not that great. I’m positive that the only track… Read More

  • Video: CrunchGear interviews the creators of Guitar Hero Earlier today I had the chance to sit down with Kai and Charles Huang, co-founders of RedOctane. I sent them a barrage of questions along with a… Read More

  • Guitar Hero 2 Track List

    Guitar Hero 2, coming for Playstation 2 on November 7 and the Xbox 360 in Spring 2007, has finally released its amazing track list. This list is bigger, heavier and will seriously reach a wider range of gamers than before. I remember playing Guitar Hero for countless hours thinking, “When are we going to rock out to some serious Motley Crue?” My prayers have finally been answered. Read More