E3 2008: Everything you ever wanted to know about Guitar Hero: World Tour

Here’s the quick rundown on this 20+ minute video.

Rock Band guitars and drums will be compatible with GH:WT. Brand new guitar with a dedicated Star Power button. Longer strum bar. Slider bar on the neck that’s touch sensitive: tap strum and a wah-wah effect. Non-Guitar Hero guitars can be played up on the frets without actually strumming. Drums are precise and allows real drummers to just close their eyes and smack away. The drum heads have a thicker layer of silicon to reduce noise, but give a bit of feedback for rolls. A y-splitter let’s you play with two kick drums. MIDI in-jack allows for real drum kits or beat boxes or whatever else. Logitech microphone that’s wired to reduce latency. Travis Barker says the ease of use on the drums is great for right or left handed drummers and it’s super realistic. There’s also a live performance by the Neversoft team.