Video: CrunchGear interviews the creators of Guitar Hero

Earlier today I had the chance to sit down with Kai and Charles Huang, co-founders of RedOctane. I sent them a barrage of questions along with a few from you guys and went head-to-head with Kai and, as expected, he kicked my tookus. It’s a rather long video, about 20 minutes, but it’s definitely worth it. Can you pick out the nuggets of gold that may allude to what is next for the GH franchise?

[Update]: The video you’ve been waiting for is now available after the jump.

When we were having lunch and just chatting about this and that, I asked the guys if any of the artists were real pains in the ass to work with. They told me that everyone was pretty easy to work with. Apparently, Slash has a clause in his contract that says he won’t work before 1PM. I wish I had that clause. I wish I had a contract.

Oh, and Aerosmith didn’t want to leave Boston to record and what not for their upcoming title, so RedOctane hauled ass from Mountain View, CA, with crew across the country to get it all done. Tyler is a bit of a perfectionist as well. After he heard some of the finished tracks, he wanted to do them all over again so the crew came back to re-record. Might as well have it perfect if you’re going to do it, right?

I may or may not be around in the next few days. I may immerse myself in GH3 in preparation for the upcoming tournament here in NYC. It’s apparent that I have a lot of work to do.

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