Teenage Engineering teases the tape recorder of my dreams, only it’s digital

The kooky geniuses at Teenage Engineering are back with a new gadget that is guaranteed to make you salivate until its price tag smacks you back to reality. The maker of drool-worthy synthesizers just

Review: Roland R-05

Short Version: The Roland R-05 is a pocket recorder for professionals and semi-pros looking to record voice and/or music live. It’s a far sight better than any smartphone recorder and the featur

Panasonic Announces More Affordable BDXL Blu-ray Recorder

<img src="" /> In case you always wanted to get one of those Blu-ray recorders that allow you to store up to 100GB of content

BD-AV70: Sharp's Blu-ray Recorder Is 35mm Thin, Plays 3D Blu-rays

<img src="" /> Sharp has <a href="">announced</a> [JP] the BD-AV70 for th

Sony Outs Six BDXL-Compatible 3D Blu-ray Recorders With Built-In HDD

<img src="" /> Those <a href="

Toshiba To Release Four 3D Blu-ray Recorders, Introduces "3D Upgrade Kit" Concept

<img src="" /> As if the eight 3D LCD TVs Toshiba yesterday announced for the Japanese market weren't enough (three CELL Regza a

Sharp Blu-ray recorders support quadruple-layer discs with 128GB capacity

<img src="" /> The <a href="

BR-800 digital recorder from BOSS

Field recording sessions are fun, but there’s a pretty large gap between the low and high ends of the gear. You either get a handheld stereo recorder, or have to haul a mess of interfaces and pr

In-car video camera with GPS, Google Earth playback

I don’t have any children but from what I’ve heard, they’re quite a nuisance. If you have kids that are just starting to drive a car, why not purchase this dash-mounted camera with built-in GPS

Review: Belkin TuneStudio 4-Channel Mixer

I like to think of myself as a bit of a musician. I enjoy belting out a good tune now and again and have even been known to gig professionally (back when I was 16 in high school and thought I was Bob

Olympus wireless LS-10 recorder great for gigging musicians, that uncle who sings like Neil Young only worse

The LS-10 from Olympus is a standard voice recorder with a trick up its sleeve. It supports an optional remote to activate it from afar and includes stereo playback and recording on one unit. It offer

Panasonic's DIGA Blu-Ray/DVD Recorders: 18 hours on one BR disk

Our first stop was a huge announcement by Panasonic about their line of DIGA Blu-Ray/DVD recorders. The recorders — BW700/800/900 on the Blu-Ray side and XW200V/100/300 on the DVD side — i