BD-AV70: Sharp's Blu-ray Recorder Is 35mm Thin, Plays 3D Blu-rays

Sharp has announced [JP] the BD-AV70 for the Japanese market today, a Blu-ray recorder that stands out with a number of features. Perhaps most importantly, the device is just 35mm thin, which makes it the thinnest out there, according to Sharp.

It can be placed horizontally or vertically, plays 3D Blu-ray movies, and is compatible to BDXL discs (128GB max.). The recorder also features one digital and one analogue TV tuner, Ethernet, a USB port, an HDMI port, and AQUOS link.

It’s not cheap though: Sharp plans to start selling the BD-AV70 in Japan on December 1 for $1,050. The company hasn’t said yet if it will hit markets outside Japan as well.