• Nvidia and GE’s Baker Hughes team on AI for oil and gas

    Nvidia and GE’s Baker Hughes team on AI for oil and gas

    Nvidia and GE subsidiary Baker Hughes want to bring the power of artificial intelligence to bear on the oil and gas industry – and do so throughout the space, covering everything from locating new oil sources, bringing it up to the surface, refining it for use and even delivering it to the end customer. Baker Hughes is working with Nvidia on making this happen using its range of… Read More

  • Apple Explores A Smart Dock For iPhone That Could Also Act As A HomeKit Hub

    Apple Explores A Smart Dock For iPhone That Could Also Act As A HomeKit Hub

    Apple has a new patent application published by the USPTO (via AppleInsider) that describes an iPhone outfitted for the new Lightning-sporting models. Apple has offered iPhone docks in the past with RCA and 3.5mm audio passthrough for stereo connectivity. This new patent could indeed offer audio output, as is mentioned in the title of the application, but it also includes options like… Read More

  • It begins: Audiovox kills the RCA Lexi

    In what will definitely not be the last e-reader to bite the dust, Audiovox has pulled the RCA Lexi from sale in the US, citing concerns over price drops in the Nook and Kindle. They wrote to one interested customer: Per your inquiry regarding our RCA eReader, as a result of the recent price drops in the market (Kindle/Nook/Sony) our primary focus has shifted to international opportunities. Read More

  • RCA's AirPower has been repackaged to better hide the snake oil inside

    The RCA Airnergy AirPower is curious little device. It is supposed to harvest WiFi signals and convert them into usable energy, which is then sent out over a USB cable to charge a gadget. Yeah, think of the possibilities. But while the technology really does exist and has been demonstrated, it seems a little to easy. Apparently RCA is serious about the product line and has ditched the… Read More

  • RCA Airnergy promises usable power generated from Wi-Fi signals. Possible?

    I’m a simple man. I understand certain things. How ambient Wi-Fi signals could be converted into enough energy to charge a BlackBerry is something I do NOT understand. However, RCA not only showed off the technology at CES but the device will apparently be available by the summer and it’ll only cost $40. Read More

  • RCA's 2010 HDTV lineup

    The RCA brand is still around thanks to TTE Corportation and is ready for 2010 with a full-scale HDTV assault. Most of the nine upcoming models are a snozefest, but a few stand out from the rest with with modern specs, Energy Star 4.0 ratings and presumably low prices. Read More

  • The sun has set on GE and RCA home telephones as Thomson announces it’s quitting retail telephony

    Newsflash: apparently nobody really buys landline phones anymore. At least, not enough people buy home phones that Thomson – the company behind GE and RCA phones — has decided “to exit with immediate effect its retail telephony activities in North America.” Ironically enough, I got this message just as I was sitting down to write up my review the phone system you see on… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: Small Wonder, big fun-der

    Everybody should probably have one of these. If I see another cell phone video on the internets, I’m going to yak. Why take booty 160×120 10fps video when you can take (I’m assuming) 640×480 with this tiny thing and upload it directly to “Your Tubes”? With the RCA EZ210 Small Wonder™, there is no easier way to share and save the moments worth remembering. Read More

  • AudioVox/RCA Small Wonder

    The video is kind of Le Boring but go ahead and take a look at Audiovox’s Small Wonder camcorder. It’s small and it’s certainly a wonder. $149. Read More

  • CrunchDeals Redux: RCA noise cancelling headphones now $2.99, shipped!

    When our own Doug brought us news of a pair of RCA HPNC250 noise cancelling headphones for $15, shipped, we featured it as a CrunchDeal. At $15, it’s a great bargain, the headphones work perfectly, I have a pair myself. But Buy.com has given us an update, and you can now get them for $2.99 shipped if you’re a first-time Google Checkout customer. Even if you’re not… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Noise canceling headphones, $15 shipped

    Buy.com started offering its holiday savings early and one of the good deals is this pair of RCA HPNC250 noise canceling headphones. They carry a list price of $59.99 but you can get them for $14.99 with free shipping. If you’re a first-time Google Checkout user, you can get another $10 off. It’s quite possible that these aren’t the greatest headphones in the history of… Read More

  • The Futurist: From Lucky-Goldstar to LG, or… Brands That Change With The Times

    Biggs and I were talking shop awhile back and I mentioned that it was as if, sometime in the past decade, LG and RCA had a Freaky Friday-like switcheroo. As anybody over the age of 10 likely recalls, RCA used to be an omnipresent CE brand—especially in TVs. And LG? Let’s just say those letters didn’t always stand for “Life’s Good.” Rather, the… Read More

  • Audiovox Buys Thomson's CE Accessories, RCA Brand

    I’ve had a pretty negative opinion of Audiovox’s products since high school when I witnessed a friend jam a piece of cardboard into his car’s Audiovox tape deck to get the player to work. It’s a silly thing I know, but still, it’s there. Another company I have similar feelings about is RCA, a once-great brand reduced to being slapped on seemingly bargain… Read More