RCA's AirPower has been repackaged to better hide the snake oil inside

The RCA Airnergy AirPower is curious little device. It is supposed to harvest WiFi signals and convert them into usable energy, which is then sent out over a USB cable to charge a gadget. Yeah, think of the possibilities. But while the technology really does exist and has been demonstrated, it seems a little too easy. Apparently RCA is serious about the product line and has ditched the name Airnergy in favor of AirPower and is now showing off a slightly more polished look than the ones seen at CES 2010.

Of course we still don’t know if these little chargers really work. It’s a product we would have written off instantly if it was from another company. It just doesn’t seem that RCA would put so much work into something that’s simply a scam. We’ll see later this year, though. The first-gen AirPower devices should hit stores right before the holiday season. [via Dvice]