• Why the YouTube of AR won’t be YouTube Crunch Network

    Why the YouTube of AR won’t be YouTube

    A couple of years ago when I was working at Samsung, around the time the GearVR was being launched, there were lots of ideas flying around regarding the services to offer alongside the device. Many (most) of these ideas were related to hosting 360 Video content, and our boss David Eun (ex-YouTube) often reminded everyone that YouTube will be the YouTube of VR. He meant that the content on… Read More

  • Spotify Defends Against New Music Backlash, Says It Will Pay Out $1B To Rightsholders By End Of 2013

    Spotify Defends Against New Music Backlash, Says It Will Pay Out $1B To Rightsholders By End Of 2013

    Spotify, the music service with 24 million active users, says that it is on track to pay out $1 billion to artists that stream music on its platform by the end of 2013, and that it has already paid out $500 million so far as the “artist-friendly” streaming service. This speaks to how the company continues to push as the pacesetter in the world of streaming music, but also comes at… Read More

  • Radiohead's New Album, The King Of Limbs, Drops The ‘Pay-What-You-Want’ Gimmick

    Ron & Fez just opened with the show a Radiohead song, and my first thought was, “Oh, man, did they break up?” Nope. Phew! But the band will release a new album, The King of Limbs, this Saturday. Exciting, sure. But wait, what’s this? It seems Radiohead has done away with the “pay-what-you-like” gimmick that generated so much heat for its previous album… Read More

  • Three Years Later, Who Owns The Rights To Radiohead's In Rainbows?

    Famous rock band Radiohead released an album a few years ago called In Rainbows. The band initially released the album online for free. Well, not for “free,” per se, but you were given the option to pay whatever you wanted. That promotion only lasted a little while, as the band later teamed up with traditional record labels (like Warner and Sony) to release a physical album. Read More

  • Radiohead's Thom Yorke predicts end of music industry

    “It will be only a matter of time—months rather than years—before the music business establishment completely folds. [It will be] no great loss to the world.” So says Radiohead lead singer Thom Yorke, a man who knows a thing or two about how the music industry works. Read More

  • Songsmith makes you calm, fitter, healthier and more productive

    While this could have been anything from Kid A, this is actually a version of “Creep” reworked by Microsoft Songsmith and the peppy beats could potentially completely cure the melancholy infused into countless proto-Goths by this moody yet charming band over the years. The strange thing is this: SongSmith actually brings out some of the original music here but the quality here is nill. Read More

  • Radiohead sells 3 million copies of In Rainbows, but how much is that in American?

    Warner Chappell, Radiohead’s distributor, is announcing that the band “sold” 3 million copies of In Rainbows, the album that they essentially gave away online in a pay-what-you-want scheme. The reports are that they made more on the album than they did on their previous dumpling, Hail to the Thief. Previous sales numbers were in the high hundred thousands, which makes this… Read More

  • Radiohead Partners With Google For Music Video Launch

    Google has partnered with Radiohead to promote the band’s music video for the song “House of Cards” from the album In Rainbows. It’s definitely not your average video considering that there were no cameras or lights used: it’s all data. The video uses real time 3D recording, utilizing structured light and laser-enhanced scanners. Google is hosting the… Read More

  • No lights or camera, just (laser) action for new Radiohead video

    Without the use of any cameras or lights, Radiohead has created a new video for its song “House of Cards”. Wispy points of light capture the ephemeral nature of a party scene as the scanner makes its way through a crowd, eventually ending up outside. Two different scanning systems enable the director, James Frost, to capture the images as they progress from faces to houses in a… Read More

  • Radiohead's back catalog of EMI released albums available on iTunes

    One of my favorite bands from way back when has finally decided to unshackle their EMI catalog and distribute their music through iTunes. Before this, Radiohead (or EMI) was adamant about selling their music bundled and not per track whereas Apple refuses to sell albums as is. You can find all the EMI released albums, the new Greatest Hits album, and videos in the iTunes Plus store. All tracks… Read More

  • Metallica thinking about jumping on the online distribution bandwagon

    They used to be good. Metallica gave hints in an interview with Rolling Stone that it will follow the Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead model of Internet-based music distribution. (You can already download live show MP3s and FLACs, for the record.) Says Lars Ulrich: We’ve been observing Radiohead and Trent Reznor and in twenty-seven years or however long it takes for the next record… Read More

  • Radiohead 'innovates' again, releases latest single in separate tracks for fan remixes

    Radiohead wasn’t going to take upstart Trent Reznor’s sass much longer. The British band loved by everyone trying to look smart has made its third single off In Rainbows available as an instrument-by-instrument downloade—for remixing! Nobody wins anything for their troubles, except placement on the band’s site. The band calls these separate tracks “stems”… Read More

  • NIN's Trent Reznor calls out Radiohead for its so-so In Rainbows release

    [photopress:ningetsit.jpg,full,center] As if you already didn’t know, Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails’ frontman, also “gets” it. “It” meaning that the music business, as we once knew it, died some time ago. Also, he thinks Radiohead’s In Rainbows was a stunt more than anything else. Reznor, in speaking with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, called… Read More

  • U2 thinking of dropping Universal Music, searching for other ways to distribute music

    [photopress:u2u2u2u2.jpg,full,center] Remember the music industry? College kids killed it a few years ago and the top acts are now starting to notice. U2, covered brilliantly by New York area band 2U, is reportedly thinking about severing its relationship with Universal Music Group. Either 2004’s “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” (which wasn’t too bad at all) or… Read More

  • Radiohead's In Rainbows is week's best selling album, music industry must be thrilled

    [photopress:inrainbowsno1_1.jpg,full,center] Despite being released three months ago as a digital download, Radiohead’s latest album, In Rainbows, was the best selling album last week. That must really upset the big record labels, who for God knows how long have been claiming that downloadable music would be the death of the album, of physical collections of music. Never mind that… Read More

  • Are digital albums the future?

    Not so fast says Thom Yorke. In an interview with BBC Radio 4 Yorke said releasing an album in only digital format would have been “mad.” The Radiohead front man explained: We didn’t want it to be a big announcement about ‘everything’s over except the internet, the internet’s the future’, ’cause that’s utter rubbish. And it’s… Read More

  • Radiohead releases album on USB stick

    I am in love with this Radiohead 4GB limited edition USB stick. Not only does it look rad, it features all 7 Parlophone albums and includes all of the album artwork. The live album is also included in the bundle and all audio files are WAV so you don’t have to worry about the quality. It’s exclusive to the Radiohead store and going for a massive $166. Yikes! You can also check out… Read More

  • Will DRM-free music lead to DRM-free games?

    GigaOM asks: is this Radiohead experiment going to change how things work, or is it a symptom of things changing? It’s not a philosophical question: something’s going on, as it’s been incredibly successful and shown that it can be done. But the real question is: can this lesson be applied to video games? In Rainbows, coupled with iTunes dropping DRM-free music down to $.99… Read More

  • DRM-free music could signal the end for paid 'celestial jukeboxes'

    Breaking news, guys. Like, b-r-e-a-k-i-n-g. You may have heard about that stunt Radiohead pulled last week, giving away their music for whatever you feel it’s worth. Well now the pundits are out and have declared DRM dead. Or something! But seriously, this Wired column opines that, now with DRM-free music everywhere it’s likely that music subscription services will be the victim. Read More


    Breaking! Bands and Artists in the recording industry are trying to make money! Apparently, it took days for people to realize that Radiohead’s In Rainbows digital download was a marketing tactic to entice fans to buy the CD. After all, Radiohead is one of those bands with a bunch of cutters and alternative dudes as fans (oh no he didnt’!), so you know damn well they’re going… Read More