Songsmith makes you calm, fitter, healthier and more productive

While this could have been anything from Kid A, this is actually a version of “Creep” reworked by Microsoft Songsmith and the peppy beats could potentially completely cure the melancholy infused into countless proto-Goths by this moody yet charming band over the years.

The strange thing is this: SongSmith actually brings out some of the original music here but the quality here is nill. It reminds me of chiptunes. I once heard “Closing Time” done on a Gameboy’s audio processor and the song, which is a bit schmaltzy in the first place, sounded like one of the songs the Music Department would would generate for Hate Week in 1984.

I would totally love to hear “Maps” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. That it would be so hot to hear Karen O caterwauling over what amounts to being the demo tune for a Casio keyboard.