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Major AI players are getting in sync, but it’s what comes next that really matters

There has never before been a technology that has so quickly rallied the private sector to proactively seek government oversight.

Why smart AI regulation is vital for innovation and US leadership

With all this possibility, can such an amazing technology also be bad? Some of the concerns around AI platforms are legitimate.

The government can’t seize your data — but it can buy it

Congress needs to ban the government from buying up sensitive geolocation data entirely — not just preventing its seizure.

US tech policy must keep pace with AI innovation

Today, leaders of technology businesses and the United States government are coming together to map out a unified vision for responsible AI.

Why the startup sector should keep its eye on the SEC

Three key areas of proposed intervention by the SEC offer examples of why the venture community should be paying attention:

Don’t leave developers behind in the Section 230 debate

Policymakers should recognize the critical role of developers and work to support them not stifle innovation.

Smart cities are boring. Give us responsive cities.

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The four public policy questions every startup should ask

As a necessary function of a product launch, startups are myopic -- they're frenzied, they're broke and they're not remotely cognizant of the serious public policy hurdles to which they're racing. Tha

David Fine talks smart cities, the future of IoT on Technotopia

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Uber taps global leaders for new public policy advisory group

Uber announced today that it has assembled an advisory board from around the globe to help guide the company on public policy as it continues to expand into new markets. The board includes members fro