Proview Could Have Been A Contender

Reuters, usually taciturn in their coverage of technology, has written a nice <a HREF="">tick tock about the rise and fall of tradema

Wapple Wins Trademark Battle Over Apple

While Apple is busy fighting Proview over the iPad trademark in China, it has lost a different trademark battle in Europe: Wapple, the mobile web developers, have won a suit filed by Apple over its na

Court Reportedly Rules Against Apple In China As The iPads Keep Rolling Out Of Foxconn

A local court in the Guangdong province of China has apparently ruled against Apple in its ongoing case against Proview over the iPad trademark, with the decision that distributors should stop selling

For All The Phones In China, Apple Actually Lost Market Share In Q4

Apple has an undeniably huge opportunity in China, but it is still facing some big challenges. As the iPhone maker claimed the top spot as the world's biggest smartphone vendor in the last quarter (Oc

Proview Isn’t To Blame For Pulled iPads: Amazon Is Not An Authorized Reseller, Even In China

It's cold comfort to folks in China who want to pick up an iPad on, but some digging has led us to discover that <a HREF="">Amazon was never</a

Apple Yanks The iPad Off Of Amazon’s Chinese Shelves, But Why?

If for some reason you were to mosey on over to Amazon's Chinese website and perform a search for the iPad, you know what you'd find? No iPad. Now, you might think to yourself, "Wow, Proview pulle