• Apple Patents An iPhone Drop Protection Mechanism That Changes Device Angle In Freefall

    Apple Patents An iPhone Drop Protection Mechanism That Changes Device Angle In Freefall

    Apple has a new patent granted by the USPTO today (via AppleInsider), which describes a system that can actually re-orient an iPhone during freefall, changing the angle of its eventual impact with the ground after first determining how best to shift it to make sure the fall does as little damage as possible. The patent also includes descriptions of other more advanced and fantastic… Read More

  • Ustream’s Automatic Copyright Protection Just Killed The Salesforce Keynote Stream (UPDATED)

    Ustream’s Automatic Copyright Protection Just Killed The Salesforce Keynote Stream (UPDATED)

    Here’s an example of awesome technology working, but potentially at the wrong time. The Salesforce/Dreamforce keynote was interrupted during its Ustream streaming due to copyright protection. Read More

  • SimpliSafe security system is inexpensive, transportable

    SimpliSafe seems like a pretty simple (get it?) home security system for those of us who value our safety, but not enough to get a professional security system installed and, especially, anyone who lives in an apartment or moves around a lot. Read More

  • Practice safe photography.. aways use protection!

    Fresh out of Japan, is the new SNUG iT PRO from Delkin. Now, you might have seen other, similar silicone camera cases from other companies, but what makes this one slightly more exciting is that it’s one of the first brands to support the Nikon D90 and Canon 50D. It’s scheduled to be released into the wilds of Japan on December 19th, however there is no word as of yet about the U.S. Read More

  • Do not mess with her: The No Contact Jacket has arrived

    I like the idea: a jacket that is wired to shock anyone who grabs it with electricity whilst keeping the wearer safe from harm, but isn’t it — practically speaking — kind of silly? I mean, we have other deterrents that are just as effective, such as pepper spray, kung fu, and bodyguards. Do we need this kind of active clothing? What if you’re in a crowded elevator and… Read More

  • BodyGuardz For Your iPhone

    I’m not sure how many of you are overzealous about your gadgets like me, but if I were to actually own an iPhone, chances are I’d invest in some protective wear for my precious. Just to show you how dorky I am about my gear I’ll tell you what’s on the screen of my Sidekick 3. Packing tape. It fits perfectly onto the screen and I only have to trim the corners. I’m… Read More

  • Illuminate, Incapacitate Your Enemies For Under $30

    Not only does the Dragon Fire 650,000 Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun instantly turn a would-be mugger into a whimpering puddle of burning pee, but it also has a built in LED flashlight! I might pick one of these up just for the sheer convenience of being able to kick some ass in a barfight during a power outage. I’m a little concerned about the reliability of something that’s dropped… Read More

  • Anti-Virus On A USB Drive

    When your Windows-based PC becomes infected with an assload of virii and you have no clue how to recover, what do you do? You place an overseas order for DigiWorks’ USB Virus Chaser and pray for the best. This new USB thumbdrive just plugs into a USB port and starts finding every virus that has taken over your computer. Very handy. It drops sometime this month, will be available in 2GB… Read More

  • Proporta Launches New Lateral Cases

    Proporta, maker of cases and accessories, is releasing a new case design for consumer electronics. The Lateral case design is making its first debut with the Palm Treo 700. Featuring premium leather and aircraft-grade aluminum, the case protects both the screen and the device from shocks and scrapes. It also comes with a belt clip and holds two SD/MMC cards. It’ll set you back about $65. Read More

  • Titan Gear 2G Nano Case

    If you just got a 2G Nano and you’re looking for a case with versatility in mind, GizMac might have just the thing. The Titan Gear includes a carabiner clip, an armband, a belt clip with 360-degree rotation and a lanyard. It is available for $24.99. Not a bad setup all-in-all, but I have to question the lack of protection that it provides. It looks as if the system simply clips to the… Read More