BodyGuardz For Your iPhone

I’m not sure how many of you are overzealous about your gadgets like me, but if I were to actually own an iPhone, chances are I’d invest in some protective wear for my precious. Just to show you how dorky I am about my gear I’ll tell you what’s on the screen of my Sidekick 3. Packing tape. It fits perfectly onto the screen and I only have to trim the corners. I’m also cheap, which explains the budget option.

In any case, BodyGuardz produces a fairly decent protective sheath for the iPhone and it includes two sets because you’ll eventually need to strip off the original for service or something. The only problem with skins like this are the corners. The BodyGuardz is cut to fit, but most of the time if you don’t do it right the first time then you’re pretty much screwed. Or you can just leave everything but the screen to fend off the elements as Jobs intended. I encourage you try it out, it’s only $24.95.

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