• Filipino Gift-remittance Startup Ayannah Gets $1M Angel Round

    Filipino Gift-remittance Startup Ayannah Gets $1M Angel Round

    Ayannah, a gift-remittance startup in the Philippines, just received $1 million in its first angel round. The company’s service is called Sendah, and allows Filipinos working overseas to pay for products and services back home for their families through Sendah’s site. Sendah has a number of benefits over plain cash remittance. The company has worked out a number of discount deals… Read More

  • Akimbo Lands $850K From Rackspace Co-founder & Others To Bring Prepaid Debit Cards Into The Social, Mobile Era

    Akimbo Lands $850K From Rackspace Co-founder & Others To Bring Prepaid Debit Cards Into The Social, Mobile Era

    With the proliferation of smartphones, we’re now able to use these mobile, mini computers to do just about everything we would do on our desktop while on the go. Yet, in spite of this evolution, mobile payments seems to be lagging behind. We use our phones to capture pictures and video, and share them instantaneously, but the average smartphone carrier is less comfortable with the idea… Read More

  • Cricket Will Sell The First Prepaid iPhones In The United States Starting June 22

    Cricket Will Sell The First Prepaid iPhones In The United States Starting June 22

    The crew of carriers that have been allowed to sell the iPhone has been growing steadily over the past few months, but today’s announcement from Cricket Communications wasn’t one most us expected to see any time soon. They revealed earlier this morning that they will start selling the iPhone 4 and 4S sans contract starting on June 22, making them the first prepaid carrier in… Read More

  • Verizon jumps on prepaid data bandwagon

    Oh pretty netbook lady, you go about your daily life with your face buried in the goings-on of your hectic corporate lifestyle, unwilling to avert your gaze from the tiny 10.1-inch screen that dictates your graceful movements for even a mere moment in time. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Cheap prepaid Sony Ericsson Z750

    Hey, not a bad deal here for a sorta-nice emergency pre-paid phone. You can pick up a refurbished Sony Ericsoon Z750 from AT&T for $39.99, which includes a $25 prepaid card. So the whole getup ends up costing you less than the three disgusting Chipotle burritos you’re going to try to scarf down at lunchtime today. The Z750, in case you’re wondering, is a 3G phone! That… Read More

  • 7-Eleven launches prepaid service in Singapore

    Due its success in the U.S. and Canadian markets, 7-Eleven has expanded its prepaid wireless program to more than 400 stores in Singapore. The Singapore program is called 7-Connect and uses the 3G network of local operator M1. 7-Eleven says it is the first first retailer to debut a company-owned private-brand wireless program in Asia and, that it’s the first retailer to offer a… Read More

  • France: Orange announces BIC pre-paid phone

    If I happened to be traveling in France and I needed a cell phone while I was there, I’d probably pick one of these up. The BIC phone will be offered by Orange — "in Metropolitan France only” — and will be available starting August 7th at various convenience-type stores like super markets, tobacco shops, newsstands, airports, and train stations. It’ll cost… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile offers enticing $79.99 unlimited plan

    Yama hama, look what Virgin Mobile just did. Starting July 1st you can get on the company’s new “Totally Unlimited” plan for $79.99 per month (no contract required), which includes unlimited voice minutes. For $10 more per month, you can get “Unlimited Text & Messaging, with texting, IM, email and picture messages.” If you’re a big talker and you… Read More

  • iPhone Will Be Available For Pre-Paid Users

    A leaked internal screen-shot from AT&T Rejoice! If you’ve been kicking yourself non-stop over the iPhone because you either have another carrier or you use Cingular as a pre-paid service, you need not worry anymore. Proof has risen from an internal AT&T computer screen-shot, which shows available tracking for the iPhone. Three options are listed: iPhone Hybrid Tracking… Read More