iPhone Will Be Available For Pre-Paid Users

A leaked internal screen-shot from AT&T

Rejoice! If you’ve been kicking yourself non-stop over the iPhone because you either have another carrier or you use Cingular as a pre-paid service, you need not worry anymore. Proof has risen from an internal AT&T computer screen-shot, which shows available tracking for the iPhone. Three options are listed: iPhone Hybrid Tracking, iPhone Postpaid Tracking, and iPhone Prepaid Tracking – essentially meaning that a pre-paid version of the iPhone will be available.

This is huge news and will probably help ensure the iPhone’s success. Only problem is, remember when the Sidekick 3 was available for pre-paid users? The cost for the phone was astronomical. I wonder if AT&T plans on putting an inflated price on the iPhone for pre-paid users. Let’s hope not, because myself and some other people I know just got Cingular pre-paid accounts for the sole purpose of the iPhone.*

* – I actually just accidentally lost my cellphone on vacation only to find it again days later.

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