• Crunch Report | DraftKings and FanDuel No Longer Merging

    Uber is merging with Yandex.Taxi in Russia, DraftKings and FanDuel call it quits on their merger, Amazon is working on a premium Echo Home and gives New Yorkers smart locks for their home deliveries. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • The Lemonade insurance social experiment results in $53K donation in year one

    The Lemonade insurance social experiment results in $53K donation in year one

    Lemonade has raised $60 million to date with the thesis that insurance companies can cut costs and automate more of their processes if they can somehow incentivize users to act less selfishly and commit less fraud. Traditionally insurance companies take the spread between premiums and claims as profit, but Lemonade aims to donate unclaimed premiums to charity once a year in a… Read More

  • Evernote update improves premium features

    I’m a huge fan of EverNote. It was one of the first apps I installed for my iPhone, and has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion. Tonight Evernote is announcing a couple of major feature enhancements for premium users: increased note sizes and notebook history. Read More

  • "Premium" apps store coming to iPhone

    Rumor has it that a “Premium” version of the App Store will appear next week featuring more expensive and presumably better apps. This will allow more valuable apps to escape the 99 cent/free ghetto. Read More

  • How To Spot An HDMI-Equipped Premium Xbox 360

    Oh you didn’t know? Microsoft decked out the Premium Xbox 360 with an HDMI port, giving you one less reason to shell out the extra cash for an Elite 360. (I’d save for the new Halo 3 360, but that’s just me.) How do you spot the HDMI-equipped Premium? Um, it says that it has an HDMI port. Also, you’ll find the word “Zephyr” on the box. Class… Read More