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Crunch Report | Hey Dillon Francis, iPhone X Is Now Available For Pre-Order

Today we're hanging out with EDM artist Dillon Francis, Apple opens for iPhone X pre-orders and releases a sleeve for MacBooks, Walmart starts using robots in stores and Russia condemns Twitter for ba

Crunch Report | Uber Adds Tipping

Netflix launches a "choose your own adventure" style cartoon for children, Uber adds tipping as the first change in its "180 days of change" campaign, Skype outage causes connectivity issues and Boom

Indiegogo acquires assets of Celery to keep selling crowdfunded winners

Indiegogo wants to step out of Kickstarter’s shadow by embracing commerce beyond crowdfunding. That means helping sell pre-orders and finished products from entrepreneurs who are done raising mo

Apple Sells 4M iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Pre-Orders In Opening 24 Hours

Apple has soldĀ a record number of iPhones during its initial pre-order weekend sales, topping the charts with 4 million units moved between when it kicked off pre-sales early Friday morning and the e

ShopLocket Launches Pre-Order Platform To Help Bridge The Gap Between Crowdfunding And Shipping

There's an increasing opportunity in helping hardware startups bring their products to market, and Toronto ecommerce startup ShopLocket has identified a key area in that process where they might be ab

iPad Mini Ship Times Now At Two Weeks For All Wi-Fi Models

Apple's iPad mini shipping times have slipped to two weeks across the board for Wi-Fi only versions, which were the only ones initially set for a November 2 delivery. The white version actually sold o

Pre-ordered your iPhone 4 at Radio Shack? Sucks to be you – UPDATE

<img src="">We're getting reports from some folks who tried to work around the massive fail-up during last week's pre-order fiasco

Halo 3 Pre-orders Hit Four Million Mark

Yesterday, we talked about how Halo 2 is tearing up the record-books over at Bungie. Today, it’s time for Halo 3 to have a turn in the limelight. Gamestop is reporting that between Funcoland, EB