• TechCrunch 40 Session 1: Search & Discovery

    Session one as follows, including our live notes.
    Powerset Powerset is a natural language search engine that can use everyday phrases and grammer to conduct more accruate web searches by understanding the search query and the pages it indexes. Parsing phrases and grammer theoretically produces better results because the egine has a better understanding of the searches intended goal than with… Read More

  • Powerset Parses Miss South Carolina

    In a less than shining moment, Caitlin Upton, the 18 year old Miss South Carolina Teen, answered a fairly simple pagent question with a nonsensical answer: Q: Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can’t locate the United States on a world map. Who do you think this is? A: I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some people out there in our… Read More

  • Powerset Releases Growth Models To Public

    New natural language search engine Powerset, still in pre-launch stealth mode, has had a ridiculous amount of press this year. And while some have said there is too much hype around this company (even me), you have to give them some credit. They are certainly open with their plans, and willing to experiment with new ideas. An example: they announced Powerlabs, a sandbox for users to suggest… Read More

  • Xerox Enters Search Market

    Xerox announced its entry into the search market this week with FactSpotter, document search software that is claimed to go beyond conventional keyword search. FactSpotter is text mining software that combines a linguistic engine that allows users to make queries in everyday language. FactSpotter looks for the keywords contained in a query along with the context those words have. According… Read More

  • Powerset To Launch Social Network Around Search Engine

    When Powerset announced plans to launch a new service called Powerlabs a week ago, it looked to be another sand box area for product previews, like those created by Microsoft, Google and others.But today Steve Newcomb, COO of Powerset, revealed a lot more about the project. I also saw an in person demo of Powerlabs today and some of the ideas behind it. Powerlabs is more than a sandbox to… Read More

  • Powerset Releases Growth Spreadsheet Models

    In a post last month I wrote about Powerset COO Steve Newcomb’s use of predictive modeling to guess early growth rates so that they have enough hardware to scale. Good for them, I said, for releasing some of the data publicly. And I recommended they go one step further and release the predictive models themselves: Powerset should publish the model itself (without the specific… Read More

  • First Public View Of Powerset Results

    Powerset is being extremely careful about showing the public how their search engine works until they are ready. After some initial hype (see our posts here, here and here), the company pretty much shut its doors to the press. I did finally get in to see a demo, and was impressed. But the meeting was off-record and we are waiting for a green light to start writing more about the demo and… Read More

  • Will Powerset Have PowerGrowth?

    Any serious Internet startup tries to guess early growth rates so that they have enough hardware to scale (hopefully the software hangs in there, too). Stealth search engine Powerset (see our earlier coverage) is being very transparent about their modelling, and have posted some of their thinking on their company blog. Steve Newcomb, co-founder and COO, wrote the post and goes into… Read More

  • PowerHype At Powerset

    The more I dig into the new search engine startup Powerset the more I am wondering if it is nothing more than a house of cards. They’re an odd company with a bit of a split personality. For example, in some ways they are very secretive – everyone who gets to see “The Demo” (as it’s now being called) have to sign a nondisclosure agreement. It’s rare for… Read More

  • Powerset Hype To Boiling Point

    Silicon Valley based search engine startup Powerset has mostly been closed lipped about their product. This makes sense given that they are gunning for the fastest growing Internet company in history, Google. But their excitement over an exclusive deal to license PARC search technology was too much to hold in – the company made what looks to be an exclusive announcement through… Read More

  • Will Powerset Pull a Google?

    Update: I received an email from a trusted source this morning that reads “…I’ve seen the demo (and spent a fair amount of time with those guys)…The technology is quite good and will certainly help on a non-trivial subset of web search queries. But they definitely have their work cut out for them. The indexing is far more expensive than traditional web search, and… Read More