• PopSci's Bug Labs BUGBase SDK contest is on

    We’ve been covering the open-source hardware guys at Bug Labs for awhile, and that’s because the ideas that these guys have are dear to our hearts; the concept of roll-your-own gadgetry is a perfect things for geeks like us. And the wondernerds at Popular Science’s PopSci blog have put together a contest where they’re giving away a BUGBase brain-unit as well as the… Read More

  • Popular Science's Low-light DSLR camera comparison

    I’m a fan of Canon DSLR cameras. When I’ve needed some really good-looking shots, they’ve never let me down. That’s why I was happy to see a 40D on this Popular Science list of the best low-light DSLR cameras, along with the Sony Alpha A700 and the Nikon D3. It’s not the most exhaustive list, but it smartly addresses the differences between the three cameras in… Read More

  • Behind The Scenes Of China's Cloning Empire

    Popular Science has a fascinating article about China’s cloning industry including information about an iPhone knockoff known as the P168 (see the above video). Aside from consumer electronics products, the article also focuses on automobile and fashion industry look-alikes. Apparently some cloning operations are so organized and efficient that they’re able to produce… Read More

  • PopSci Breaks Its Wii

    So aside from this article’s title sounding completely ridiculous, PopSci did some shit that is going to make you Nintendo Fanboys cringe in pain: They broke their brand new Nintendo Wii after a few hours with it. Naturally, the peeps over at PopSci wanted to get down and dirty with the Wii and check out its guts. Unfortunately for them, Nintendo decided to use proprietary screws on… Read More