PopSci's Bug Labs BUGBase SDK contest is on

We’ve been covering the open-source hardware guys at Bug Labs for awhile, and that’s because the ideas that these guys have are dear to our hearts; the concept of roll-your-own gadgetry is

Popular Science's Low-light DSLR camera comparison

I’m a fan of Canon DSLR cameras. When I’ve needed some really good-looking shots, they’ve never let me down. That’s why I was happy to see a 40D on this Popular Science list of

Behind The Scenes Of China's Cloning Empire

Popular Science has a fascinating article about China’s cloning industry including information about an iPhone knockoff known as the P168 (see the above video). Aside from consumer electronics p

PopSci Breaks Its Wii

So aside from this article’s title sounding completely ridiculous, PopSci did some shit that is going to make you Nintendo Fanboys cringe in pain: They broke their brand new Nintendo Wii after a few