PopSci Breaks Its Wii

So aside from this article’s title sounding completely ridiculous, PopSci did some shit that is going to make you Nintendo Fanboys cringe in pain: They broke their brand new Nintendo Wii after a few hours with it. Naturally, the peeps over at PopSci wanted to get down and dirty with the Wii and check out its guts. Unfortunately for them, Nintendo decided to use proprietary screws on the Wii’s casing to keep hardware hackers and the PopSci team out. PopSci decided they weren’t going to have any of that balderdash and forced the Wii open, which in turn, completely disabled it from working in any way possible.

Nice work guys and gals. Could have been worse though, the console could have kept working and they would have had to play ExciteTruck longer.

Wii Broke It [PopSci Blog]