• PodTech Sells For Less Than $500k

    VentureBeat is reporting that technology media startup PodTech has been sold to ViewPartner, a “communications technology company” , for less than half a million dollars. PodTech is perhaps best known for the long tech videos produced by blogger Robert Scoble, who left the company last December to work for Fast Company. He was originally snagged from Microsoft, where he made… Read More

  • Apple Patent For Customized Podcasts

    Apple filed a patent January 9 that describes a method for automatically creating customized podcast mashups from various podcasts. Here’s the Abstract on the Patent from Apple Improved techniques to facilitate generation, management and delivery of personalized media items for users are disclosed. Users are able to influence or control content within a media item being personalized. In… Read More

  • Podcasts Taking Off (Again): eMarketer

    Some interesting new figures have been released by eMarketer today that shows that podcasts are taking off in both traffic and revenue, and the outlook is even better again. The general view on podcasting is that it had been passed by as video became the hot vertical, particularly as earlier iPod’s gave way to new players that supported video as well as audio. These figures would… Read More

  • Scoble To Leave PodTech, Heading For Fast Company

    Famous blogger Robert Scoble will be leaving his current job at PodTech in mid January, he says. He will likely be joining Fast Company to start Fast Company TV. Scoble was with PodTech for just a year and a half. He was previously at Microsoft and acted as their unofficial spokesperson. Scoble isn’t saying if he’ll continue to use the same format as his current show, ScobleShow… Read More

  • PodTech Heading Towards The Deadpool?

    Fake Steve Jobs aka Daniel Lyons has written that he’s heard that PodTech will be closing up shop with an announcement imminent. We can’t confirm the rumor although I have pinged Robert Scoble asking him to comment. If we get a response we’ll publish it. PodTech has taken $7.5 million over two rounds led by US Venture Partners and Venrock Associates. Rumors of… Read More

  • Loic Lemeur Building Video Twitter

    Former Six Apart Europe head and well known French Web 2.0 entrepreneur Loic Lemeur relocated to San Francisco recently to build a new startup, and thanks to Robert Scoble we now know what it is: “video Twitter.” Lemeur himself is documenting his startup every day on YouTube here. It’s not riveting content but listening to a non-American view on building a startup is… Read More

  • Technorati Loses A "Great Leader." PodTech Also Loses CEO

    We’ve all known that blog search engine Technorati and videocasting site PodTech weren’t doing particularly well: that both companies were conducting CEO searches. But today the bloodletting became real. PodTech CEO John Furrier is out. James McCormick, the COO, steps up to the CEO position. The company also announced that 1938 Media is no longer partnering with them, which is a… Read More

  • Dear Podtech: I'm Not Your VP Marketing

    So Podtech is apparently unhappy with the post I wrote last evening – What’s Really Going On With Podtech? First Podtech subsequeCEO John Furrier emailed me repeatedly this morning asking for changes, then later Robert Scoble wrote on Twitter that much of my post was incorrect. It may well be incorrect, but it is certainly what I believe to be true after the extensive research I did… Read More

  • What's Really Going On With Podtech?

    Update: See here. There have been a number of reports that silicon valley based Podtech is literally falling apart. I spoke to Podtech CEO John Furrier and asked him how many of the rumors are true. While he certainly fed me a certain amount of spin, the company has at least a few signs of life. Podtech raised what was at the time a large series A round of funding – $5.5 million in… Read More

  • Robert Scoble to Leave Microsoft, Joins PodTech.net

    It looks like recently funded PodTech.net has hired Microsoft’s Robert Scoble, who writes one of the most popular blogs, and he’ll be moving from Washington to Silicon Valley. I spoke to Robert briefly a few minutes ago. His on the record comments were “No comment for now. I’ll be posting shortly.” His off the record comments were, well, off the record. Read More

  • Profile: PodTech

    Company: PodTech Founded: May 23, 2005 (Link) What is it? PodTech is a wonderful set of podcast interviews that is updated very frequently and features top tech celebrities (recent podcasts include interviews with Robert Scoble, Dave Hornick, John Markoff, Chris Anderson, and others). What got our attention is the sheer quality (not to mention quality) of people John is interviewing, and… Read More