PodTech Heading Towards The Deadpool?

Fake Steve Jobs aka Daniel Lyons has written that he’s heard that PodTech will be closing up shop with an announcement imminent.

We can’t confirm the rumor although I have pinged Robert Scoble asking him to comment. If we get a response we’ll publish it.

PodTech has taken $7.5 million over two rounds led by US Venture Partners and Venrock Associates.

Rumors of major problems at PodTech surfaced in July and were followed by founder and CEO John Furrier departing the company in August. PodTech is best known for its production and hosting of videoes by Robert Scoble, and for corporate work. The dry nature of PodTech productions was described by Michael Arrington so eloquently when he said “90% of Podtech content is just slightly more entertaining than watching paint dry.”

Update: Robert Scoble is denying the rumors on Twitter claiming that it’s a “hatchet job” by PodTech’s competitors, although has yet to issue a formal denial aside from commenting on this post suggesting that it’s all bullsh*t.

Update 2: Scoble writes on Twitter that PodTech is “restructuring its business and refocusing its resources”…some big changes on the way, but no deadpool for PodTech yet.