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Company: PodTech

Founded: May 23, 2005 (Link)

What is it?

PodTech is a wonderful set of podcast interviews that is updated very frequently and features top tech celebrities (recent podcasts include interviews with Robert Scoble, Dave Hornick, John Markoff, Chris Anderson, and others).

What got our attention is the sheer quality (not to mention quality) of people John is interviewing, and how quickly his new venture took off. After just two weeks, PodTech saw over 66,000 visitors, over 21,000 audio plays and 9,000 MP3 downloads (Link). Not bad for a site with no marketing other than word of mouth.

In their own words, “I’m putting up my podcasting site called – it’s a podcasting InfoTalk series dedicated to being a timeshifted radio program about Silicon Valley in the new syndicated world of timeshifted media. Some people say that Silicon Valley is losing its influence. My take is that Silicon Valley is just changing. My show is designed to produce Information about Silicon Valley via podcasting and blogs and push it to the world and then recycle a community back to Silicon Valley. Yes Silicon Valley is changing …but it’s increasing its’ influence because it’s now virtual and syndicated!”

It’s one of our top-10 podcasts and we understand from John that his list of upcoming shows will blow us away. Stay tuned…

Audio Links:

Robert Scoble
Dave Hornick
John Markoff

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Founder: John Furrier

Relevant Links:

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