With 11K Pre-Orders, Play-i Lands $8M To Teach Kids To Code With Interactive Toy Robots

If we’re going to prepare future generations for the increasingly technical workforce, and world, then computer science and engineering will need to be given greater credence in early education

Up Close With Play-i’s Bo, The Lovable Xylophone-Playing Robot

When we last met <a target="_blank" href="">Play-i's</a> charming robots Bo and Yana they were busy pounding out tunes on a little colorful Xylophone and raising $1.4 million in

Play-i Raises $1.4M From The Crowd For Toy Robots That Make Programming Kid-Friendly, Comes To Stores Near You Next Summer

If we’re going to prepare future generations for an increasingly technical world (and workforce) ahead, then we need to teach them computer science and engineering. To some, that may sound like

Former Googler Opens Crowdfunding Campaign To Teach Kids To Code With A Cute, Blinking Bot

File this under "holiday gifts for next year." A startup called Play-i is opening a crowdfunding campaign today to put into production a pair of educational robots that teach children the basics of co