• Pioneer To Show Off 8th-Gen Plasmas This May

    Pioneer is all over plasma TV, and it looks like it’s going to launch its 8th-gen plasmas at an event in Rome this May. Pioneer kept going on and on at CES about how it wanted to make plasma the premier TV technology and this announcement should finally reveal what it’s been up to. It used to be that I was sorta down on plasma, but companies like Pioneer and Panasonic, which showed… Read More

  • Plasma Light: Way Cool Tesla Device for a Lamp

    If we had one of these as a kid, we would have had an easier time staying in school and off the hard drugs. It’s the Plasma Light Bulb, a scaled-down version of that freaky sci-fi plasma globe that your rich, smarter friend’s dad had in his den. You know, the room you guys weren’t allowed into with the liquor and porn. And plasma globes. We’re guessing these things… Read More

  • HDTVs to Include Integrated Hard Drive

    LG announced LCD and Plasma HDTVs in Korea that include dual HD tuners and an integrated hard drive. Consumers can either watch two HD channels simultaneously or can watch one HD channel while recording another. The TVs will feature a built-in 160GB hard drive and a USB 2.0 port. The suggested price in Korea will be between $2,667 and $5,000—depending on the screen size. LG Electronics… Read More

  • Got Wood? LG Does And They're Going Back To The Future

    LG has announced their limited-edition run of the 60PT1 wrapped in wood instead of the sleek and lighter cases most modern boob tubes have today. The 60 inch plasma TV is set to launch the beginning of Q2 in SK with a 1,000 unit limited-edition run. No word on pricing yet but I imagine it setting you back quite a bit. I guess it’s cool to have your modern TV look like it was made back… Read More

  • Pioneer Makes The Best Plasmas (And Here's Some Video It Made To Prove It)
    Seriously, if you’ve never seen Pioneer’s Elite series of plasma TVs in person, they really do have incredible pictures (though they come with some pretty incredible price… Read More

  • HP Announces 2007 TV Lineup; DLPs Out, LCDs More In

    , does include 9 new HDTVs with all but two being LCDs. At resolutions of 720p, HP will have 32-, 37- and 42-inch LCDs as well as two 1080p panels at 42 and 47 inches. Two plasmas with resolutions around 720p will come in 42- and 50-inch sizes. And while DLPs have been ousted, the company is keeping MediaSmart LCD models in the lineup. These panels feature 1080p support along with… Read More

  • The Futurist: The End of Name-Brand TVs or…. Why Your Next Set Will Be A Vizio

    While filling up on my five-hours-per-day tube habit, I spotted a commercial that utterly shocked me. This ad wasn’t particularly gory or raunchy — it was the advertiser that caught me off-guard. Vizio, one of those off-brand flat screen TV-makers whose native habitat is in the aisles of Sam’s Club and Costco, was actually advertising on TV. From everything I’ve seen… Read More

  • Pioneer Launches Two PDP High-Definition Plasmas

    Pioneer has released two more PDP high definition plasmas in Japan. The two new models include the PDP-607HX (pictured here) and the PDP-427HXD. The plasmas use a new technology Pioneer has labeled “New P.U.R.E. Black Panel” and “New P.U.R.E. Drive II”. The black panel can recreate industry-leading levels of color and the Drive II has a new digital signal processor… Read More

  • Samsung Sheds Wires for New HDTV

    Samsung has announced that it will soon be offering in South Korea the SPD-50P7HDT. What sets this 50″ high definition plasma screen apart from similar displays is its fully wireless peripheral connectivity. The setup allows users to avoid cable clutter with a new technology that connects DVD players, VCRs and other devices via a newly developed wireless technology. It will sell for… Read More

  • Planar Xscreen: They Might Think It's a Plasma TV

    We’re hearing a lot of talk about gigantic-screen TVs, some of them costing upwards of $50,000, but if you’re using a projector, you can have a humongous-sized screen at a tenth of that price. This 100-inch selectively-reflective Xscreen from Planar has a built-in optical filter, reflecting light from the projector while absorbing room light. Perhaps its most appealing attribute… Read More

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