USB powered plasma heart for that special someone

<img src="" />Nothing says "I love you" like a USB powered heart! Your sweetheart is sure to swoon when you reveal the depths of

Sears is full of bull, plasma TVs do not need to be recharged

<img src="">Buying a <a href="">plasma TV</a> can be so frustrating. First, you as the infor

Video: Kodak explains how OLEDs work

<img src="" alt="" />We all know the benefits of OLED and seen the figures on how much energy it saves and all that jazz, but do you know

Europe turns crosshairs on energy inefficient TVs (read: plasmas)

<img src="" /> Ha! The green-crazy European Union is <a HREF="

New California energy regulations would remove certain plasmas, LCDs from store shelves

<img src="" /> Looks like California is doing everything in its power to destroy the consumer electronics industry. That is to say a ba

Pioneer, Hitachi and Panasonic Plasmas are now Energy Star Certified

There was a time when the term plasma TVs meant expensive and power hungry electronic, but those days are fading. Three of the largest players in the plasma world now have Energy Star Certified model

Review: Hitachi P50X902 Director Series 50-inch Plasma

To the point: A nice plasma that offers a quality image, good colors, and a great scaler. Too bad it’s overpriced.

Jury: Samsung violated Pioneer's plasma TV patents, has to pay $59 million

A federal jury found yesterday that Samsung willfully infringed two of Pioneer’s patents covering plasma televisions. As such, the Korean electronics giant will have to cough up (“cough up”

Panasonic produces 300 millionth TV, says it's a record

DId you know Panasonic started make TVs 56-years ago? Since that time and under the companies vast corporate umbrella, it has produced more than 300,000,000 TVs. The company claims it’s the fi

Panasonic develops the world's first 3D full HD plasma home theater system

Today Panasonic in Japan announced [JP] it has created the world’s first full HD plasma home theater system capable of displaying 3D images. The company also said the technology will be showcase

Pioneer bringing LCDs to US in 2009

For the first time ever, Pioneer is going to start selling LCD TVs here in the States starting next year. This cames after years of battling the endless plasma verse LCD war. The two sets, already on

Quick and dirty: What Panasonic will be showing off at IFA 2008

I’m here at IFA in Berlin, a stone’s throw away from my temporary base of operations in Barcelona. The show itself—think CES, just run by a bunch of well-dressed Europeans—star

Panasonic Japan to introduce Plasma TVs with built-in 1 TB HDDs and YouTube support

Panasonic announced today in Japan [JP] they will release three Viera PDP TVs in this country starting September 10. All models (42, 46 and 50 inches) of the new PZR900 series will house a 1TB HDD for

VIZIO named the U.S. fastest growing computer and electronic company

Someone is buying VIZIO HDTVs. They might be mid-tier products. but their generally great prices probably helped rocket the flat-panel maker to the top of Inc. 5000 list. The company reached the peak

Samsung intro's 8 new HDTVs – 5 LCDs and 3 plasmas

Just ahead of CEDIA, Samsung just announced five new LCDs and three plasmas to the global market. Specific model detail is low on availability but we do know that LED technology is going to be in

Pioneer PDP-LX6090 plasma wins EISA award

Pioneer’s stunning PDP-LX6090 Kuro plasma was just recognized at EISA by winning “European Plasma-TV 2008-2009.” HD enthusiests have known for a while that the Kuro line of plasma

New Panasonic VIERA plasma said to have 42 year half-life

So if a Panasonic VIERA plasma’s screen has a half-life of 42-years, that states that the screen will loss all it’s brightness in 84-years. Or 2093. Or when George Bush VI takes office. Or

Plasma TVs face tough 'green' regulations down under

Most gadgetphiles know that plasmas use more energy than LCDs but the Australian government want all of their citizens to know too. The government is rolling out a system currently in place for other

Samsung announces holiday lineup of HDTVs

Series 9 is pictured above Announced earlier today were updates to four of Samsung’s varying HDTV lines. First up is the Series 6 LCD HDTVs that feature ToC (Touch of Color), you know, the red bezel

Pioneer Elite Kuro PRO-111FD plasma HDTV reviewed

The HD Guru recently reviewed the 50-inch Pioneer Elite Kuro PRO-111FD and, after putting the $5,000 premium plasma through its paces, called it “simply the best” HDTV he’s ever tested. Why so g
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