With Places, Microsoft aims to help companies better manage hybrid work setups

Aiming to capture a broader swath of customers who’ve embraced hybrid work, as well as accommodate existing customers, Microsoft today introduced Places, a forthcoming add-on to Microsoft 365 de

Let’s Fix The Internet

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but: we, the people of the Internet, have collectively run up a colossal amount of technical debt. Much of our online infrastructure consists of band-aid and/or

Places Is A Sharing Platform That Puts Privacy First

Places is a privacy-centric startup that's building a secure Dropbox-style platform for file sharing and messaging -- but one that has end-to-end, client-side encryption built in. It's currently launc

Apple Acquires Spotsetter, A Social Search Engine For Places

<a target="_blank" href="">Spotsetter</a>, a social search engine using big data to offer personalized recommendations as to places to go, has been qui

No More Private Foursquare Check-ins? No Problem. Pins For iPhone Lets You Save & Share Your Favorite Places

Foursquare <a href="">did away with private check-ins</a> this week,

Facebook Adds Weather Forecasts To Events And Public Places To Show Useful Info Where People Need It

Facebook has come up with another way to prevent you from leaving its site. While you’re setting up an event, especially one that’s going to take place outside, it makes total sense that y

Foursquare Offers Up A Shortcut To The “Explore” Tab For Android Users

While this isn't a major feature update by any means, foursquare is definitely pushing its Explore functionality forward by making it more prominent in its mobile apps, site and now by letting you add

New Factual Resolve API Will Help Clean Up, Complete Location Databases

Open data platform <a href=""></a> is launching a new API for developers of location-based services called <a href="

Has Google Purged Places Of Yelp? All Signs Point To Yes.

<img src="" />Well, this is curious. From our checks, it seems like Google has completely omitted <a href="

Did Mark Zuckerberg leave a Facebook Places trail in London?

<img src="" class="shot2" />At the moment Facebook Places is only available in the United States. Or to

Foursquare's Crowley: The Giants Are "Generic," We Are Fun. I Wonder Who He's Referring To…

<img src="" /><a href="">Foursquare</a> may have a <a href="

20% Of Foursquare Users Are Pushing Their Check-Ins To Facebook (TCTV)

<img src="" />Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Although it seems as if <a href="">Foursquare</a> an

The Paranoid Can Relax, Facebook Dials Up Privacy With Places

<img src="" />Less than one hour after <a href="">Facebook</a> struck the ceremonial gong, signal