• Pinball In Virtual Reality? Yes Please

    Pinball In Virtual Reality? Yes Please

    OK, it doesn’t exist just yet, but one group called “Pinball Labs” has a new Kickstarter to bring back the feels you felt when you entered an arcade with tons of pinball games. There’s nothing like the sounds and visuals of old pinball machines (I love Addams Family) and it could become a…reality once again in VR. The Kickstarter recently went live and this video… Read More

  • Virtual pinball machine looks cool, may be missing flippers

    A virtual pinball machine sounds like a really good idea. No less then 17 tables, on a LCD display (so the playfield doesn’t wear out). Best yet, the virtual pinball machine has some of the most famous Gottlieb games like 2001 and Gold Strike. Sure, it’s expensive, but compared to the cost of actually buying 17 pinball machines? It’s quite reasonable. And takes up a lot… Read More

  • Ben Heck inches closer to finishing 'Bill Paxton Pinball' machine

    When I interviewed modder extraordinaire Ben Heckendorn a couple of months ago, he mentioned that he’d been working on building a pinball machine from the ground up and that it’d be called “Bill Paxton Pinball” when all is said and done. While it’s not quite together yet, Heckendorn has made some serious progress on the actual cabinet itself, which now includes… Read More

  • New brain machine lets you play pinball by thoughts alone

    It’s one thing to develop an interface that lets you control slow-moving robots with your thoughts alone, but it’s quite another to let you play pinball that way. But a machine built by researchers at prestigious Technische Universität Berlin in Germany makes just that possible. Read More

  • Man makes pinball table from scrap wood

    Now THIS is why you should save every little bit of scrap wood you come across. And every rollerball mouse, too, incidentally, as user “seamster” over at Instructables built a homemade pinball table from various bits of wood he had lying around and, as icing on the cake, used an old mouse rollerball as the pinball. Read More

  • Guy builds life-size digital pinball machine

    Wow. While building a digital pinball machine out of a giant LCD and a second, slightly less-giant LCD might cost more than buying an actual machine, the ability to play multiple machines using the Future Pinball simulator effectively turns it into an almost endless supply of fun for any serious pinball fanatic. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Marvel pinball machine for $99

    A real pinball game? In your own home? Not since “My Two Dads” has such a wondrous idea been attempted! It was My Two Dads, right? They had a pinball machine, didn’t they? Read More