CrunchDeals: Marvel pinball machine for $99


A real pinball game? In your own home? Not since "My Two Dads" has such a wondrous idea been attempted! It was My Two Dads, right? They had a pinball machine, didn’t they? The beardy guy, not the Paul Reiser guy. Granted, they lived in the same place but the beardy guy played the pinball machine all the time. Maybe it was Silver Spoons or Mr. Belvedere. I know Mr. Belvedere got addicted to a pinball game in the attic, but I could have sworn that Beardy on My Two Dads liked pinball too.

Anyhoo, Target has the Marvel Heroes vs. Villains pinball machine for $99 plus $40 shipping. That’s down from $350! Granted, it looks like it’s not quite a full-size pinball machine, unless those 12-year-olds in the product photo play college basketball.

Marvel Heroes vs. Villains Pinball Game [Target via dealnews]