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Airly fights air pollution with a network of affordable sensors

Clean-tech startup Airly wants to help communities around the world improve air quality with affordable sensors and software that provides actionable insights. Based in London and Krakow, the startup

FLOWN raises £2.5M to combine Calm-meets-Peloton-meets ‘deep work’ in a B2B platform

With individuals and teams transitioning to a fully remote or hybrid working models, post-pandemic, there’s a theory that employees still desire the structure and accountability that working in an o

Dent Reality raises $3.4M to bring augmented reality into the grocery store

Despite Apple and Facebook investing billions into a “metaverse” future, in recent years there’s been a distinct drop-off in venture deals for startups focused on finding opportuniti

Pi Labs, a ‘pre-Series A’ property tech VC based in London, closes $10M second fund

<a target="_blank" href="http://pilabs.co.uk/">Property Innovation Labs (Pi Labs)</a>, an accelerator-turned-early-stage VC fund that invests in property tech startups 'pre-Series A', has closed a sec

Edwin The Duck Is A $99 Connected Rubber Ducky 🐥

I’ve had a pretty decent amount of conversations with my college roommate about his great distaste for the fact that almost every new device in existence is “connected” in some way t

Splittable App Makes A Play For Renters Who Have To Split Apartment Costs

We’ve seen how Venmo has taken off in the US for when people want to split things like shared restaurant bills. Now a UK startup has come up with an app which it claims will make it easier to share